why is poor health affecting so many right now? a look at toxicity and Rx…

The answer to this question would have been different going back every decade of the last two centuries.   It seems the smarter humans become, the more we believe that we know more than we do – especially about our own bodies.   The current state of our human evolution could be compared to a 16 year old that has just figured out that they are now smarter than their parents.   My hope is that our evolution is taking us into a new world where we realize we have been making some huge mistakes while in our teenage years and now it is time to clean up our mess.   It is time that we start thinking about the implications of all that we do or the planet is going to shake us off of it.   There are amazing things we can do by manipulating atoms and molecules, but what the drug industry does not account for is that our bodies are made of energy and so are the Rxs.   With non-gmo organic (human-free) seeds, the energies of the foods match our bodies and balance is maintained.  Once we mess with the dna of the seed, the energy is off and our body is not able to ‘read’ what the food is in order to properly process it.     When an issue arrises, we add a Rx and it usually fixes the problem.   However, this throws off energies in the rest of the body.  This manifests in a number of ‘side effects’, some listed on the Rx and some that will show up much later and may not even be known about yet.   These new symptoms are now treated with a new Rx and the cycle continues.  Many people up in age are literally taking dozens of medications that are most certainly killing them.   I am not suggesting there is no need for Rxs as there are often great results from these approaches.  The problem relies in the way many doctors approach the solution.  They do the same thing that many refineries and chemical plants  did when I was a process trouble shooter – they treat the symptom instead of addressing what caused it.  This is called a band-aid approach and is a sure sign that other troubles will arise (in the body and in a chemical plant).

The wild thing is that somehow the powers that have been in control of the brains of many of our tribe have them convinced that nutrition and healing as a solution to health is some sort of voodoo.  This is a grand deception and is truly impressive if you look at how much effort and money has been used to get people to this confused and brain washed place.   Luckily for us, more and more people are waking up everyday due to the sharing of information via the internet.    It almost feels like many are looking around thinking “what the hell has been going on while I was asleep??”.   But this is great as the time is now coming for us all to boycott government subsidized genetically modified nutritionally bankrupt foods.  This will drive the price of organic foods into a range that more of us can afford.   There is a great movie called Thrive that explains all that is going on and provides solutions to get our planet back into balance.   We can turn this planet around with a group effort, but people have to stop believing that we can’t change things.   If we all bought organic, prices would dive… period.   If we all voted for the ‘decent’ guy in the election, he would have a chance to win.   It is bad enough that they have squeezed our society into this matrix, but for us to believe we cannot change the tides is using the same ‘we can’t change thing’ attitude that the ones that did this brain washing wanted us to have.   Everyone has to make this decision for themselves and we should not get frustrated with those that take longer to learn it.   Be patient with them, we have all learned lessons the long and hard way at some time in our life.   Be the change you want to see and your health and vitality will have others wanting to do what you did…

Future blogs will go into the worst toxins out there and why it is critical for all of us to save organic seeds…  Bless all of you for reading this and please join our group called the pharmm and stay tuned for the changes we are creating….   www.josephzenner.com/groups/thepharmm


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  3. Jessica Nolan

    A big problem with most of the foods available today is the fact that they are so overprocessed that makes them bland, nutritionally poor and high in fat. The products are made from foods that are grown in soil that is not rotated so it is less nutritionally dense and harvested before it is even fully ripe in order to ship across the country. A way to avoid this is to learn to eat seasonally and purchase from local farmers. Also avoid meats and dairy products that have harmones in their diet and aren’t free range. A good alternative if you want meat is wild game.
    The biggest problem with the pharmacy business is that money is more important than the results they produce. Side effects are often worse than the benefits. And all too often people want instant results, a magic pill that fixes everything instantly. Slowly we are seeing Brave New World come to life. The drugging of entire generations to avoid exercise, healthy diets and the feelings and emotional pangs that help us all grow. Slowly as a society we are forgetting the importance of participating and interacting in our communities and much of the unhappiness we feel is a disconnection from our fellow man and so turn to drugs to fix us instead of turning to each other. Often in this highly technically advanced society we can talk to anyone but we don’t talk and share with each other.
    We don’t have to let things continue this way and it’s nice to know there are others out here that see the world in a better way.

    1. Jessica Nolan

      Oh and it’s wasn’t very easy to type such a long response one a phones, so sorry if it’s a little all over the place.

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