Easy Exercise (200 word blogs for 200 days)

As with anything in life, with exercise I was set on finding a way to keep it easy.  What I found works for me is to do things that I would do even if it weren’t good for me (get the theme?* ).   I like yoga because it makes me feel bliss sometimes during and always after.   I love swimming or sports over weight training as weight training generally bores me.   My friend was in a kickball league that had a slip n slid from third to home.     My point is to do things that are fun or it won’t last.   If you are dead set on weight training, just figure out how to convince yourself that it is fun.  Picturing what each person in the gym’s childhood was like is always fun!     Its interesting, the more I learn about how the mind works, the more I realize that guy in the gym that thinks he is God’s gift is actually onto something.   99% of those guys are completely insecure, but that 1% that really sees himself as perfect is just that… 🙂




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