Love, Meditate, Sleep, Breathe, Hydrate, Sweat, Mineralize… (200 Word Blogs)

LOVE – This one seems the most logical, but unconditional love for the universe is achieved by only a select view…  My comedian friend Abby Lodmer and I came up with a t-shirt: “I finally got oneness!  So please stop being so ridiculous, you are embarrassing us!”

MEDITATE – Two of the best I have found are the sacred geometry and healing meditation.   <Click Here>

SLEEP – This is a critical one that many of us are ignoring as things speed up around us.   The healing meditation above will help you sleep if having trouble.

BREATHE – I have a breath coach (Dana Shamas) and highly recommend everyone get one…  The regular breathing most of us do is too short and does not allow for the optimal amount of source energy into our bodies.    We live life without knowing how it could feel to breath deeply and have the energy our bodies were meant to have.

HYDRATE – When I began studying nutrition, I kept getting thrown back to the importance of hydration.   Most of the drinking water on this planet is not alive anymore. I also endorse a water that has an amazing ability  hydration… You can find it by clicking on  Wow water

SWEAT – Important for removing toxins from the body.   Chose a method that you will repeat because you like it.


*Okay, that was 200 words… Guess you will have to figure out how to mineralize on your own… Look up Clark’s minerals for good head start… Thanks Seaton Collard for helping me find these.                                                                                                                          *Thanks to Arnie Beliew (Hot Express Yoga in Woodlands) for helping me with the importance of breathing and hot yoga (my favorite way to sweat)                                          *I will follow up with future blogs on many of these subjects…                                    *Thanks to Natalia Morales for helping me with unconditional love, te amo mi amor…

*Thanks to for the wonderful art!!!

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  1. Carolyn

    Years ago, I realized that, sometimes, when I felt hungry, I could simply drink a glass of water and the hunger symptoms would pass away. I realized, at that moment, that when I think I’m hungry, I might actually be thirsty. So, now, I try a glass of water before food.

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