Easy Retirement (200 word blogs for 200 days)

Retirement has been on my mind a lot lately as my 40th birthday approaches and I have been promising myself retirement at that age for almost a decade now…  Lord knows I have tried enough ways to get there and I certainly have learned quite a few ways to not retire…  Failure only comes to those who quit though and I have found a secret to my success that I will share with you with a money back guarantee (yes, cause its free)…  I have found that my knack for finding the right product lines or companies to represent is based on what gives me an absolute WOW!   The products I endorse changed my life or I would not represent them…  The coaches and programs I promote all changed my life, some I get affiliate commissions for, most I don’t.    The best tried and true litmus test for me is always  would I share this with people if I didn’t get paid to…  If you have your own product, you already know this passion.   If you don’t, I recommend network marketing, direct sales, or affiliate marketing for best residual incomes..   But never recommend a product you would not purchase for a loved one…  just so they could experience it as you did…

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