Free Energy (200 word blogs for 200 days)

Free Energy seems to be the hot topic these days and for good reason.   The big debate among many is who will come up with ‘free energy’ first.   Many others believe that free energy has been on this planet many times and we are just waiting for its return.  Regardless of where you stand on this debate, there are some things that science has proven recently that should leave little debate as to one thing that is now known to be a fact – there is enough energy in one atom to satisfy the entire planet’s energy needs (well human energy needs, not atomic energy needs as that remains infinite).   I have studied under a scientist named Nassim Haramein and am a delegate in his Resonance Project.  Nassim proved with a physics peer reviewed paper that every proton is a black hole (see the proof on my science page).   The implications of this are huge in a tiny way if you know what I mean.   There is much debate as to how this will play out with the free energy concept and I suggest this theory: Our only limitations on what is possible is our own perception of the same.

*Here is one of many free energy devices working currently… There are some of the most amazing scientist on the planet in this room.  This is not a hoax, this is real and will be implemented in 51 towns in Hungary very soon.

*Many scientist have died over this technology in the past few decades… The reason it is finally coming to the forefront now is that youtube and the internet have made it much safer to release information such as this to the public without worrying about getting murdered…


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