How to get a WOW feeling! (200 word blogs for 200 days)

I talk a lot about getting people to a WOW feeling through diet, hydration and now breathing changes.  I wanted to explain a little bit about why and how this happens.   First I will say, none of the products I endorse or methods of eating I recommend do anything to the body to ‘produce’ a wow experience.    What they do is meet a deficiency that the body had that was keeping the body from feeling WOW all the time.   So when you experience this feeling, know that this is how your body is meant to feel every moment.   With proper breathing, it is the easiest (and cheapest) way to experience this.   Meeting an oxygen lack in the blood can leave you feeling tingly and amazing all over.    Hydration is also a huge one as most people are under hydrated due to the majority of the water we drink being on the acidic side (less than 7 pH) and not living (water should be a living liquid crystal).   Other things that most people are deficient in which can solve health issues and provide a WOW:

*Omegas (preferably plant based)

*Vitamin D (preferably from sun)

*Vitamin B (good natural sources)

*Amino Acids (Bragg’s is a great product)

*Magnesium/Calcium (see alkalinity blog)

*Enzymes/Fiber (raw foods)

*there are many more and I may add to this later, but these are the main ones I run across.    Thought about probiotics, but this is only for folks that are eating acidic diets.

*Just so you know, Fox news would disagree with this post (thank goodness for the validation)…

*unless you are drinking Fiji, Evamor, Wow, or a few other brands, your bottled water probably is acidic…  Check it with a pH strip if you can… Ask a nerd for pH strips, we usually carry them…

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