Conscious Language & Attracting Abundance (200 word blogs for 200 days)

I have just recently heard about conscious language from a brother via the same cosmic mother Seaton Collard.   So I am new to this, but loving what I am learning so far.   I think one of the most important lessons that I have heard is that it is important to think and speak as if the outcome you desire has already come true for you.   Critical in fact when it comes to money as if we believe we are lacking, we create just that for ourselves.   A great exercise from my new friend Teal Scott is to put a bill ($10, $20 or whatever) in your pocket and spend it throughout the day in your mind.  Then reach for it in your pocket after spending it to see it still there.  This will help to train your mind about how money will always be there for you and when your core intention matches you will start to feel the flow of money.   Be careful with phrases I have heard many say like, “I just want enough to get by…”  That is okay if that is truly what you want, but I request abundance from my universe and invite you to do the same.

*I liked Teal’s video that I referenced so much I put it on my manifestation page.

*Thanks to Seaton Collard for all he is teaching our Houston tribe and all he is doing with his sister tribe in Austin…  Here is his good friend Arttemis talking about conscious language…

*If you are looking for ways to retire, I am offering the first session of ridiculous coaching for free ($100 value) to those ready to make changes in their life in order to have more fun and monetize whatever fun looks like for you…  contact me here with message or on my wall…

*Here is a replay from a call Seaton did for our pharmm spiritual abundance tribe call on conscious language (send me message with interest in future calls): Check out my new blog on conscious language….     If your name is Seaton Collard or Teal Scott, thanks for your help with this…   If you would like to hear Seaton on our call tonight talking about conscious language, here is the replay:


2 Comments on “Conscious Language & Attracting Abundance (200 word blogs for 200 days)”

  1. Denee

    Thus resonates so much with me. I’ve been on my path for a yr consciously and not many things have resonated with me but now things are starting to. Thank you

  2. Carolyn

    Joseph, I love Teal Scott’s exercise for ridding ourselves of lack mentality! I’m going to try that for myself. Thanks for sharing! I believe I’m already on your contact list for future calls. If not, please add me.

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