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2) If you are not aware of the mayor’s plans to make it illegal to feed homeless people in Houston, you can find out more about this below in APPENDIX I (scroll down).   This is from Nick Cooper with Food Not Bombs (a peace group that feeds the homeless).   Keep July 1st free for a big rally around this (TBA)… I will be there…

3) Many friends are in need of energy/body work these days and are not able to afford it…. I am asking my friends who do energy/body work with interest in donating 2 hours of their time from 1PM to 3PM on Fridays to please let me know.   Remote work by phone are great for those that can’t be there…  Modalities include but not limited to running bars, reiki, theta, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, body talk etc…




1) I have been studying the healing benefits of essential oils lately.   The interesting thing here is that most quality pharmaceuticals are based on essential oils from plants, but they tweaked an atom or molecule so that they could patent it.  This tweak is trouble as it shifts its energetic properties.   This is why the side effects show up.   The pure essential oils I have selected are from the best company I have found… Its called DoTerra…  I hope if you buy these oils already or want to, that you will consider me when ready to order (my website will be ready soon)…  for more about the oils:   For those close to Houston, we are having a party on June 13th – it should be a blast…  And if you come from out of town, stick around for a full day of healing and with Seaton Collard

2) (repeat from last newsletter) As many of you know, my search for the perfect water has finally ended!!   I am now endorsing water drops called WOW drops that are the creation of a young genius out of Austin named Seaton Collard.  I found many waters with many of these qualities, but none with all until WOW…  This water has been filtered (R.O.), crystalized, mineralized, magnetized, alkalized, energized, vortexed & structured, as well as spiritualized in ceremony…  The proprietary energy device (invented by Keith Perry) can also be used on ethanol (yes, it is a different unit than the one used for water) and with one drop into a gallon of gas, the MPG can be increased by 25% with an increase in horsepower and decrease in emissions…  The concentrated WOW drops can be used to energize and structure any filtered water… For $60, you can get enough drops to last about two months (although you are going to want to share how this makes you feel, so you might go through it quicker)…  About half of the people that I have had try it have experienced an amazing experience from this water…  From my studies into nutrition, I now believe that about 80-90% of the health issues are due to dead water leading to poor hydration…  There are very few good bottled waters out there, so many think they are doing the right thing and even spending money to do so, but are getting mineral hungry acidic water… I will be sharing more about this water on my website soon, so stay tuned for that if water intrigues you…. For now, you can check out my blog on the consciousness of water at and find out about Seaton’s new water at    We are looking for yoga studios, health food stores and anywhere else that might carry it… Help us out if you have a connection please…

3) Highlighted health product of the week:

A) Mila from Lifemax is an amazing seed that I am hearing a new story almost every single day of how it is helping people with everything from energy, sleep, focus, memory, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, work-outs, recovery etc…  check out the video I did on it here…


1) Austin Road Trip!!!   The weekend of August 25th/26th – we are going to Austin for an amazing weekend.   Saturday 8/25/12 is a free all day workshop with my favorite dream coach Marcia Wieder.



1) Our first spiritually abundant coaching call last week was awesome and tonight our guest is naturopathic Dr. Jody Stanislaw talking about how we can come together to make magic happen right now in our lives…

2) My Ridiculous Coaching business is doing well and I am running discounts on sessions right now if you have interest in tuning into how to make money while having a blast in life…  First session is FREE and if you don’t like it I will give you your money back!!



1) Every THURSDAY at 10AM to noon at the A.R.E. center (7800 Amelia St) has the kiss of one meditation (Peggy Sue Skipper) and consciously curious meeting …… There is also a 9AM meditation led by Heloise Kenreck at the same location, ask me for more info if interested…

2) The healing and sacred geometry meditations I have found are amazing and can be life changing.



1) Marcia Wieder has a free 6 day course on making your dreams come true starting today (6/18/12)… Sign up for here:

Find out more about Marcia at

2) I have compiled some of the best free information on manifestation and put it all here –


ALSO, you can check out the replay of the interview I did below if you want to know more about what our groups are up to…  Peggy Sue and I talked about things from poop to urine analysis by tasting to ascension… LOL.. .,-Robert-Rosie-Rosenkranz-and-Joseph-Zenner.mp3


Wanted to make sure you knew about some really awesome events coming up (most are FREE)…  These are not all of the great events, but the ones I will be at as the main reason I am sending this is to see you at one of these…  I will have a more thorough calendar soon to highlight more events… Please RSVP when appropriate…


(***signifies an event that I will be at… )

ANYWHERE EVENTS (all times central):

6/18/12 MONDAYS 9PM Central – The pharmm’s spiritual abundance coaching call with our guest Naturopathic Doctor Jody Stanislaw ***:


6/18/12 – Marcia Wieder has a free 6 day course starting today… Sign up for here:



Call in: 605-477-2100  Code: 174408#


EVERY WEDNESDAY, the consciously curious radio show airs from noon to 2PM on   This is also a great online source for all types of amazing shows and music…


HOUSTON EVENTS (all times central):

EVERY TUESDAY 6:45PM, Rashida Alisha has a love donation only class on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)tapping at Blisstonia… Contact me for address and details…

EVERY THURSDAY, The Consciously Curious Meeting & Meditation ***:


EVERY THURSDAY at 7PM, Helen Racz has a love donation only class on EFT tapping as well…


EVERY OTHER THURSDAY, Integral Consciousness meets to discuss the mind and beyond… ***


EVERY FRIDAY at Noon – FREE Spiritual Abundance Coaching Followed by Free Healings.  (Subject to change if no healers are volunteering… always check before coming to make sure it was not cancelled)    location is the pharmm – 1734 Skinner Rd, Houston, TX


6/20/12 WEDNESDAY 5PM to 8:30PM –  MedMob Summer Solstice Celebration at Rothko Chapel:


6/20/12 WEDNESDAY 6PM to 7:30PM – Summer Solstice Celebration at Minel Park (right next to Rothko Chapel from above event):


6/22/12 FRIDAYS 10AM to 2PM – pharmm phridays!!   Mila Retirement Program/Spiritual Abundance Live Coaching/Free Energy & Body Work


6/22/12 FRIDAY 9PM Conscious Rave at Planet Funk:–SOULstice-Fri–June-22–Electronic-Music–Food–Celebration-.html?soid=1101324119297&aid=P3F3QeePl2M&fb_source=message


6/22 & 6/23 – We have a Peruvian Shaman in town…  Contact me personally for details…  832-729-4090


6/25/12 MONDAY 9PM


6/30/12 FRIDAY 9PM to midnight – Stiletto~Fest Fund Raiser for  ***


7/13/12 – FRIDAY 7PM – Sweet Mamma’s Essential Oil Party Extravaganza {hosts Joseph Zenner, Christy Love, Beth Mincher, April Reeder (sweet Mamma)}


7/14/12 – SATURDAY 9AM to 9PM – One Day Experience with Seaton Caesar Collard: (highly recommend this for anyone with something they are looking to heal)


8/18/12 to 8/19/12 – Empowerment 2 Day Workshop with Dr. Joe Marshalla (



8/25/12 – Saturday – FREE All Day Workshop with Dream Coach Marcia Wieder (PLEASE ONLY RSVP IF YOU WILL ATTEND):


8/26/12 Sunday – Tubing Near Austin – probably the Guadalupe, but subject to change:



APPENDIX 1 (Homeless Issue, What Can you Do?   from Nick Cooper):

As you know, a struggle to stop the Mayor from criminalizing our important work with the homeless is going to take place over the next few months.  Here are some things anyone can do:


  1. Print out petition–this is the revised version–and collect signatures (we need 28,000 valid signatures by mid July to retroactively repeal the ordinance and protect against future legislation of a similar nature.):
  2. Join the new (as of Apr 5) Google Group:!forum/hksf-petition
  3. Subscribe to the List-serv:
  4. Join the Facebook Group:
  5. Meetings every Tuesday at 7:30 at Taft Street Coffee/Ecclesia, 2115 Taft Street.
  6. Read about the changes taking place in how Houston treats the homeless and why:
  7. Get your organization to sign the resolution:




Joseph Zenner

The Ridiculous Coach



check out some great free meditations at and lots of great free info on manifestation at


Peggy Sue Skipper and I had a blast in my interview with her a few weeks ago… we covered so many subjects in one hour, wow…  my interview starts at minute 54:,-Robert-Rosie-Rosenkranz-and-Joseph-Zenner.mp3


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