How to Eliminate Most Health Issues – Step By Step (200 words blogs for 200 days)

The trickiest thing in trying to get healthy today is the conflicting information in all directions.   What I am about to write works and there is science behind all of it.   What I recommend is taking these steps in order for any health (or weight) concern and it will eliminate your symptoms or greatly improve how you feel.   This is not the easy way, this is the hard but effective and affordable way.    I coach people how to get your health back the easy way as well if you have interest*.

Step 1: Drink alkaline water (half your weight in ounces) or put 10% lemon in your water.

Step 2: Search for blood type diet and your blood type… Eliminate the foods it tells you to…

Step 3: Eliminate dairy, gluten, soy and corn (organic corn allowed) from your diet.    If this makes you feel better, then add back one at a time until you feel crappy again and drop that from diet permanently (unless you enjoy crappy feel).**

Step 4: Toxic Cleanse*** – Eat raw foods for as many days in a row as you can (>7) then drink only juices for 2 to 5 days.

Step 5: Search Super Foods and eat as many as possible…  (David Wolfe is best resource)

**The reasons for these foods making you feel bad is often allergies due to the hybridization of so many foods these days…  The good news though is that any allergy can be cleared these days…  My friend Brandy Deutsch can help you if you like…


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