Alkalinity In Body Explained in 200 Words

Our bodies always balance the pH of the blood to about 7.34.  The body uses primarily calcium and magnesium (alkaline elements) to balance the acidic foods we eat.   Natural acids such as lemon and vinegar help the stomach by allowing it to shut off its acid pump for a bit (which reduces need for Ca and Mg).  Man-made acids, such as sodas and fried foods, are unidentified by the stomach as acids (no DNA to read) and so the acid pump remains on which means acids added to acids creating a huge demand for Ca and Mg (to ‘alkalize’ these acids).  When deficient in Ca and Mg, the body steals from the bones and joints to balance.   So, if you refuse to stop eating acidic foods, I highly recommend looking at natural ways to get Ca and Mg into your body.   Adding lemon to your water in high quantities (>10% lemon juice) is a great way to keep your body from having to use additional Ca/Mg to compensate for the crap you eat…  Proper hydration with living waters can also help to handle acids entering the body.


Disclaimers (not included in 200 words, but needed for completeness):

*Small pockets in the body can be ‘locally acidic’.  This is where cancer thrives.

*Testing of the urine for pH makes very little sense to me as it would be acidic if you ate acids and not if not…  Acidic urine is not bad as this is the waste stream that acids are meant to go into if consumed, so to see them show up here is not good or bad, just is an indication of what you ate.   In other words, it ain’t good that you ate them, but its good your body is purging them through its waste stream.

The best article I have found on the subject:

5 Comments on “Alkalinity In Body Explained in 200 Words”

  1. Meshell

    Love this series! Very straight to the point and gives me a spring board for pushing forward with my research on the subject. Keep up the 200 words for 200 days. Love the Joe Know Lodge 😀

    1. joseph

      Meshell, I love your awesomeness more than a double awesome kick followed by a personal high five, crowned with a facebutt… you my gurl till the end… yall watch out for the video Mehell and I do on flouride…. we love that stuff!!

  2. Carolyn


    Do you think testing of saliva, if not done too soon after we eat, is a more efficient method of testing pH than a urine test? You make perfect sense by reminding us that to find acid in our urine is evidence that our body is effectively purging excess acid.


  3. Carolyn

    Joseph, you have reignited my desire to partake of the powerful lemon; so I’ve just squeezed and reamed the pulp out 10 of them. Unfortunately, that took about 40 minutes and I only got 1 cup of juice! I also did the same with 8 Persian limes and that yielded 2 cups of juice. Yeah, but my lime juice is used mostly for fresh squeezed Margaritas. (I know… not a terribly healthy choice) Hey, at least it’s a better base than that syrupy lime flavored junk most Margaritas are made of. 🙂

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