its all in our head and we made it all up… (200 word blog)

Is it possible that this is all a dream?  At what point do we wake up?  When dreaming our mind is firing much more efficiently and often is teaching us the lesson we need to know most.   So I pose the question: Isn’t our ‘real’ reality much the same?  Haven’t we created exactly what we did to learn the lesson we are currently learning?  Could it be that each of those lessons combined with every lesson previous is going to be needed in what we are about to experience.   What if by definition of existence that were true?  What if we only created confusion to forget we engineered the roller coaster and ride it again with wonder as a 4 year old would….  It is time now to ride the roller coaster as the 4 year old engineer…  In wonder of what we have created without judgement and allowing of whatever is currently being created…  The nano-second expectation creeps up, allowance creeps down the equal amount… and miracles hide in allowance, so this is important if you are into that sort of thing…

The best video on this subject is called Reality is an Illusion and can be found here

Namaste Yall…


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  1. Jules Loth

    A breath of fresh air Joseph and yet very hard for many to accept. Glad you put it out there. Wanted to let you know that your link to the video follow up on this subject does not work. I would love to see the video at some point if you get it working.

    Namaste my Friend!

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