Essential Oils Intuitive Emotional Healing Analysis Revealed!


Process for determining what essential oils  your body is requesting directly (and the emotional healing associated with that plant) and a set of affirmations that will support your specific physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. 

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I created this analysis and wish to share it freely with the world.   If you read this and feel ready to try this with a friend, then you are.    If you read this entire page and watch the videos, congratulations, you are now a CERTIFIED ESSENTIAL OILS INTUITIVE EMOTIONAL HEALING ANALYSIS FACILITATOR!!!   I have offered to trade sessions with many energy workers with this modality and almost all have said yes.     Special thanks to Claudia Autry for the help in creating this reference guide.

Before deciding to learn this process, you may want to see how this works to ensure this resonates with you.

Here is an introduction to it:

Here is a sample analysis:

(Links to the books and/or links required for this process can be found below.   Please buy your books here as I am an affiliate with Amazon so I can buy more books!)

Background – In this process, you are asked to agree to the following concepts for the purpose of going through this process.

Thoughts are electrical and biochemical impulses as proven by science.

Each neuron transfers the electrical impulse to the next neuron via biochemistry using neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin etc.

Science has measured that the biochemicals circulate through your body every 90 seconds.

So, as you think a thought, you are literally affecting the biochemistry of your entire body.

Minutes, hours, days, months of repeated thoughts create and sustain a particular biochemistry.

Therefore the physical experience of your body (physical symptoms and issues) is just a physical manifestation of sustained thought or belief patterns.

The body is not capable of deception through denial or other mental gymnastics.  It is a direct link between your thoughts and beliefs.

+ The body is a literal metaphor of your emotional and spiritual state. 

+ Affirmations are a method for changing thought or belief patterns from those that are causing physical symptoms to other thought or belief patterns that support your physical, emotional, mental, and physical health.

+ By changing your thought or belief patterns, affirmations work at eliminating the core cause of the symptoms.

Essential oils are the figurative lifeblood (pure liquid DNA) of the plants.  The plants have inherent properties that can be used in healing.

+ By using essential oils internally, topically and/or aromatically, the inherent properties of the plant are used to modify the biochemistry of your body.

Thus changing the body so physical, emotional issues can be released.  Awareness of the emotional healing associated with each plant as you use it can enhance the upgrades, as awareness is powerful.


  1. (Optional) Invoke Divine guidance so that higher selves are involved and provide assistance and guidance in the process.
  2. (Optional) Recognize and accept that this is a co-creative process with all the people participating adding to the process.
  3. Ask the person to list any physical issues (current or chronic), emotional issues, and spiritual issues or upgrades that are desired.  
  4. Starting with the physical issues, using the Louise Hay and Sacred Body Language books to translate the physical symptoms to emotions.
  5. Read the probable cause for each physical symptom to check if the cause resonates.
  6. Take note of the corresponding affirmations from the Louise Hay. 
  7. Repeat the affirmations with the person several times.
  8. Look up key words in probable cause and thought patterns in EHEO book to determine the corresponding essential oils.  Make note in the chart of the oils.
  9. Allow for intuition to include any other oils that may be needed by simply reading the list of oils aloud.
  10. On the chart, take note of any oils that illicit a strong response either love or hate the oil or even the sound of the name of the oil.
  11. Tally the essential oils to create the personalized blend. 
  12. Read, from the Daniel Macdonald book, the emotional healing properties of the essential oils to be used in the personalized blend.
  13. Determine the amount of each oil to be used the blend through intuition or muscle testing.  Determine the amount and frequency for use of the oil through intuition or muscle testing.

Fruits of the Process

Custom personal blend of essential oils for healing, including amount and frequency of use.

Custom list of affirmations to be repeated daily to support the emotional healing.

Affirmations are to be said aloud using mirror or while walking in a figure eight so that the affirmations are received versus negated through mental chatter.

Reference Books used in the process:

Click here to find a site that gives you the suggested protocols for most things (use this until you can get the book Modern Essentials).

Click here to find a site that translates diagnosis to emotional healing and affirmations from Louise Hay (use this until you can get the book You Can Heal Your Life).

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