Water System Breakdown by Zach Nasr


So I am going to classify these systems in two ways…top-of-the-line/best/most-expensive and then the greatest value for the price.

The other two categories that I will use is point-of-service water devices and whole house systems.

The single best system I (Joseph Zenner) have found it Kangen.   Find it here.

http://www.varunizer.com/ This is the most amazing point-of-service water device on planet earth!…in my opinion at least 😉 It ionizes the water using electricity that is run through platinum dipped plates. The electricity is conducted into that water via the minerals that you put into the machine…which usually just comes from sea salt or crystal salt (like Himalayan). This machine can change the pH of your water by 0.1 from 2.5 all the way up to 11.5! So 11.5 can quickly remove all petroleum based pesticides, fungicides and herbicides from you produce because it immediately emulsifies fat/grease on contact!

2.5 – 3 pH can disinfect wounds or even your counters and floors but these types of water are NOT recommended for human consumption.  This water is charged up and then structured by Hydr8 crystals placed in the machine that mimic the structure/energy that natural water gets from the minerals found in rocks and crystals that would be in a river or stream. This machine is $3,000 dollars but for $3,500 you get two prefilters (one 10 micron polyurethane filter for sediment, and one 5 micron carbon filter for microbes and pathogens) that extend the life of the .01 micron filter that is in the machine itself. You also get extra Hydr8 crystals and the warranty on the machine is 10-20 years depending on if it is used for commercial or personal use…

The next point-of-service water filtration device that I feel is the best valuefor the cost is the AquaOvo (water-egg)

http://www.aquaovo.com/en/water-filters.html  The cheapest model is under $800 dollars (and it is oh so stylish!) and the replacement filters are only $60! My Berkey filter, which I honestly think this one tops, was about $2,000 and the replacement filters cost about $250! This water system filters your water in a way that mimics the way that water falls into aquifers after rainfall.

It moves through layers of carbon, negatively charged alumino-silicate (clay balls), silica (similar to quartz or sand), and tourmaline.

This filters and structures the water in a way that mimics the way it happens in the earth. It also, because of its shape, makes sure that the water never moves in straight lines! Water never moves in straight lines in nature and according to the science of fluid dynamics, the water retains most of its energy when it is vortexed or when it moves in curved lines as it would in a river with smoothly polished stones.

The next section is POE water systems (point of entry) which means that it filters water for the whole house! This is highly recommended by me if you can afford it…especially if you have water on a public system! Fluoride and chlorine, amongst a host of other health issues like hormonal imbalances, losses in bones density and neurotoxicity, can clog iodine receptors in your cells which can lead to thyroid issues and eventually cancer. These elements are found in public water systems and even if you filter your drinking water, taking a shower in unfiltered city  water is basically the equivalent of drinking 10-12 glasses of chlorinated water! Yuck! 😛

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If you are on a public water system then I recommend this filtration system, if you can afford it… http://www.waterfilters.net/Pentek-U440-Ultrafiltration-System-160380.html

This filtration system has a 0.025 micron filter that will remove fluoride and chlorine as well as all other microbes and pathogens. It utilizes normal water pressure, has an easy to read LED screen and is self-cleaning. The filter will also last for years…

If you are on a well water system then you might not need a system that is so pricey…for example the 20 inch Big Blue filters…

http://www.waterfilters.net/Pentek-BBFS-22-Water-Filtration-System.html This would be ideal for a well water system…NOTE!  This unit does not include filters(just housing)! One would buy the filters separately for your specific water situation! This means for well water one would first want a sediment filter (polyurethane- 10 micron) and then a drinking water filter (Carbon- 5 micron, which is what  my Berkey filter uses but I have added fluoride filters because I use city water in it). The first filter will filter out dirt and this will extend the life of the second filter which is more expensive. Something to be aware of is that the more filters you add…the more  your water pressure will diminish. Many people will install 2 separate holders for the filters with pressure gauges in between so that it is easier to note when you filters need changing… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-suD1FwAcRY this guy has great videos about these kinds of water systems… The above video shows an example of a whole house systems with the pressure gauges. You may want to just get a plumber if you have no experience with this…BUT he has many other videos about what kind of filters you would consider depending on your situation…

These last two systems simply remove toxins from you water…what if you wanted super charged water to give you energy and vitality?!  Then these are the “big guns” for structured and aligned water that will hydrate you, your children, animals, plants etc… When water  loses its structure, which it inevitably does when it passes through right-angles in pipes, then the water loses its structure and it does not readily enter the cell which can leave you dehydrated even if you drink the recommended amount of water for your size of body!

https://www.alivewater.com/store/catalog This company has a host of products that vortex the water in the pipes to charge and structure your water for maximum hydration! This can be VERY expensive if you wish to replace all of your pipes with these…but if you can afford it…why not?! 😉

http://theimploder.com/products/catalog This group of products I prefer even over Alive Water’s products listed above! They are inexpensive in comparison as well…my favorite is the Super Imploder which I would install AFTER a water filtration system which can de-structure your water after pushing it though tiny crevices…This product has neodymium magnets that have a charge of 3000 Gauss! This energizes your water with magnetic energy before it passes through the Imploder attachment which constructively implodes the water aka moves it into a state of phase conjugation. What this means in electrodynamics is that the water moves into sacred geometric phi ratio spirals which basically means that the water’s energy is increased and conserved!   The shower attachment is the cheapest and would be great to attach if your shower water had already been de-chlorinated by a whole house filter… However if you choose a point-of-service system to filter your water then a good water de-chlorinator may be in order…like this one below

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob_3UfO83H8 his idea to use two (one with the dechlorinator and one with crystals and magnets) is pure genius!!

This is where you can get these… http://earthshiftproducts.com/Products/Accessories/detox-the-home/ESP/ESPCZTS This is a newer model from Dr. Robert Cassar’s (the guy in the above video) website that uses similar technology…he is a wealth of information if you have not heard of him before! He has a great wholesale website with free membership and he also has an Earth Shift Study group that is full of great free info! He truly wishes to help others and that is one of the main reasons that I support him, his website and his products. Well let me know if you have any questions…I know this is a lot of info but it is difficult to recommend something when I do not know your exact situation water-wise…and your price range because there are systems like David Wolfe’s water system that could even top this…but I won’t get into that right now lol. Hope this helps you both! 🙂



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