Jedi Training

First step to Jedi Training is to find the training that resonates with you.    I am giving many options here and am leaving it up to you to find your sources of info.    Please know that I am not responsible for anything that you go through or experience if you take on these trainings.   I would be happy to answer questions if I am able, but you are the only one responsible for you on this path.    So enter at your own risk…

First I list may favorite gurus and then some trainings – most free, some cost.   Know that I highly recommend all of these are I would not recommend them.     If you resonate with one of the folks below, find more from them all over the internet.

Pilar Marshall Torres – Pilar is a walking angel and my personal guardian angel as well.   Find her blog here and her videos on her YouTube channel.  Here is a great one:

Teal Swan –  Teal gets oneness and explains it brilliantly.   Find her website here and one of my favorite videos here:

Kasimir Kurt is one of the most unique individuals I have met.   He did a session with me that blew me away.   I love his videos, hope you do too….

Bashar – Bashar is not like anyone else you will ever see… Enough said…  (I so love this video)

Abraham Hicks – Esther is a walking saint that I simply must see live before I die…  He teaches vibrational resonance and has an amazing sense of humor as well…   (Esther channels Abraham if you aren’t familiar)

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Helen Racz – Helen is a great friend and an absolute master of EFT (Emotional Healing Technique) or tapping.   She is better than any comedian I have been to and you get a buzz from tapping with her.   How does it get any better than that?    Here is her website with tons of taps in the library.


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