Notes From Cravings and Addiction Recovery with Essential Oils Class with Lisa Piper

(this is rough draft notes, so please don’t judge  them and know that if you do, this is about you not us…LOL)

Outline of class

-What are essential oils

-strength of oils (ex: rose)

-Quality of oils

-How Oils work

Oils are lipophillic which means they can penetrate the cell membrane and reach the viruses


Addiction definition– a strong and harmful need to regularly have something or do something. Generally disruptive to normal routine in some way and physically, psychologically, or socially harmful

Addiction is an unmet need.

Reasons for addictions vary greatly.  Choosing to look at the issue means your in the “solutions” mode.

3 basics of changing cravings/addictions

1 Identifying the root cause (People choose thier specific “addiction” for a reason.  )

2. Finding new productive nourishing tools (ie. mediation, exercise, Journaling, therapy)

3. Implementing new cooping skills

messenger molecules distribute info

Ligands- 3 categories: Neurotransmitters, Steroids, peptides

95% are peptides. This is where emotions live in a literal chemical form

receptor molecules receive info

They are picky and only receive the right fit messengers.

ex: opiate receptors would accept morphine, heroine, or natural endorphins but not insulun or estrogen

matching what you need with the receptors in a pure form that can be absorped quickly is powerful. (example)

THis show that you have the capacity to be that in charge of your chemistry

you  can decide what kind of messengers you want coursing thorugh your body. that’s powerful.

-3 parts of the brain

brainsteam- (autonaumic fuctions)

limic- where your emotions live

ceyrebel cortex- will power, self control

IN addiction here is what happens

limbic takes over and the cortex shrinks(the control part).

your pleasure center shrinks. you need more and more of your “drug”

In the limbic part of brain

amygdala (2 almond sized/shapes deep in brain on both side of brain)   (where deep emotions and memories are stored). this is also how you learn by conditioned responses.

if left side is smaller than rt

ptsd, social disorder, obsessive compulsive, autisum, bipolar, serious addictions

can change this and make it bigger

what helps regrow a shrunken amaydala:

-therapy- self observation- where am I? Do I feel safe? Do I like being me? What are my needs?

-Emotional release therapy- EFT tapping (sonya sofia), meditation, exercising, art, binural beat music – (ex; alcoholics have low alpha waves) jane Maati,   Hypnosis.

(“the emotion code”- book helps you release emotions)

emotional release with doterra blends- carol Truman “feeling buried alive never die”

goal : homeostasis- balance.  you need non-inturruped communication between messenger molecues and receptors.

things that can disrupt the communication:

diet coke

traumatic emotions

addictions – sugar, nicotine, alcohol, drugs

* if a receptor site shuts down then your body will signal your brain to keep the “drug” coming. MOre sugar, more cocoain, more nicotine.

how to clear off receptor sites- terrazyme. the protease clears it off when taken on empty stomach. abstinance for 21 days with terrazymne take on empty stomach

how essential oils help:

1. they help correct DNA

2. they clean off receptor sites from foriegn negative messages

3. they can pass through the blood brain barrier

4. restore cellular function

brain damage is the same from all addicts.- sugar, food, meth, alcohol. all the same type damage in brain with varying degrees.

pleasure center shrinks so need more for bliss/happiness


shrinking cortex

pleasure center shrinks- you need more and more of your “drug” for pleasure

terrazyme helps clear protease off of receptoers

abstinance for 21 days with terrazymne take on empty stomach

-3 ways to use oils

1.aromatic is beneficial b/c of emotional response. It goes directly to the amygdala in the brain which is where emotions are stored. we are 10,000 times more sensitive to smell than taste.

2.topical- direct location response

bottom of feet are like your own personal IV to your bloodline


Louise Hay- Addictions in general – running from self. Fear. Not knowing how to love self.

Oils- if you are drawn to an oil or really dislike an oil your body probably requires it.

support for addictions:


white fir- gernerational healing

bergamot- fall in love with being you, self confidence

purify- cleansing

Melissa- gets out any negative thought or emotions or neg. programing of the mind

Helicrysium- Heals deep/old wounds/trauma

Zendocrine- detoxing

-emotional catharsis- focus on freeing up emotions that have been lodeged. Will happen FAST.must be ready.


-get emotional baggage off of you- free up blockages and release trappd emtions. Heal the heart


-***deep healing, rewriting your story, change the memory, liver, alcoholism, anger, forgivness sugar addict.


Cravings: Clove, Cilantro, Cinnamon, Grapefruit, Peppermint, Balance, Serenity

Withdrawal: Lavender, Grapefruit, Marjoram, Sandalwood, Wild Orange, other citrus oils

On Guard, Purify

Anxiety: lavender, wild orange, lemon, Serentiy, elevation, Balance, ylang ylang, melissa, frankincense, sandalwood, cedarwood, juniper berry, citrus bliss, geranium, bergamot, basil

Depression: basil, bergomot, citrus bliss, elevation, frankincense, geranium, lavender, lemon , immortelle, melissa, r. chamomile, sandalwood, orange, ylang ylang


Oils: bergamot, rosemary, slim and sassy   cinnamon, grapefruit lavender (expressing and communicating)

stuffing emotions down and quieting them

stomach- can’t stomach life

gallbladder- something leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. need for clarification. associated with unexpressed anger- leads to liver. descision making problems

Sugar- (candida anti fungal oils)

oils: grapefruit, slim and sassy,purify, serenity,Helicysum    oregano, melaleuca, cinnamon, clove

problems with lifes sweetness

spleen and pancrease together- anxiety and worry

Candida takes over- frustration & anger. Demanding and untrusting in relationships. An inbalance in what you think you deserve and what life if giving you.


Oils: black pepper, clove, On-guard, cinnamon,cilantro     geranium, ylang ylang,basil, on-guard throat drops

lungs, depression, grief, sadness, loss


Oils: Lemon, Roman chamomile, thyme,  Rosemary, Purify, helichrysum, lavender, serenity, Frankincense

liver- anger, anxiety, resentment, unforgiveness,

feelings of futility, guilt, inadequacy. Self rejection.

marijuana – 

Oils: basil  Frankincense

(effect hippocampus which is responsible for memories)

prefers illusions to reality, quiets memories from past and blocks new short-term memories from forming

street drugs

Oils: purify, serenity, grapefruit(withdrawl), lavender, basil, marjoram, R. chamomile, frankincese

pcp-heart- worry

instant gratification

perception and view altered. not wanting to see things as they are



self worth/value , desire to be accepted by others, desire to be loved by others

genetils- intamacy (fear of)

Oils: Sandalwood, geranium, whisper   bergamot, helicrysum   purify

sacaral area

Porn- Frankinscense, helicrysum, purify, vetiver


basil, orange, Geranium, Lavender, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang   purify

lower back-


slim and sassy, basil, grapefruit

Essential oils can strengthen resolve, reduce cravings, and address many of the negative symptoms.



“my Chemistry made me do it” Laura Jacobs

“EMotional Healing with Essential Oils” Daniel MacDonald

“The Emotional Code” Bradley Nelson

“Feelings buried alive never die” Karol Truman

subliminal Self Hypnosis and binural beat thearpy  Jane Maati Smith

EFT tapping  – Sonya Sophia

Proper Care in using essential oils


4 Comments on “Notes From Cravings and Addiction Recovery with Essential Oils Class with Lisa Piper”

  1. Steve

    Thank you very much! Do you know if Lisa Piper offers more information such as a video lesson or PDF of the class details?nn1

    1. joseph

      Lisa teaches classes locally in League City, TX… She has a great organic coop there… One day I will get her on livestream!nn1

  2. Nisima

    My friend has an IV heroin addiction and I am helping him detox. He has a lot of triggers in his life with running a business, the stress of the addiction, and the spiritual pain/emptiness of a day without his drug. Can you recommend oils – perhaps oils that can be taken orally for this?
    Thank you.

    1. joseph

      I have many things to recommend here actually… Search “heroin addiction essential oils” to find these, but some books like Conscious Language (Stevens) and You Can Heal Your Life (Louise Hay) would help a great deal too… let me know if you want wholesale pricing on the most pure oils…nn1

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