The Mirrors of Entrepreneurship

Are you an entrepreneur and also studying oneness and doing mirror work (seeing the universe as a reflection of yourself)?    I’m not asking you to believe anything, but below is what I have found to be true in helping many get past their blocks to money and all other areas of abundance.

1) Are people telling you its too expensive?   Take a look at why you think it does not have the value you are putting on it.   Many entrepreneurs that get clear on this one actually double their prices and see an increase in sales.

2) Are people not getting excited about what you offer?   Check in with your own level of excitement.   Have you let the struggles of entrepreneurship get you down?    Is it time to revisit your bigger mission and why you are doing this?   Why is this exciting to you??

3) Are people telling you they don’t have time?  Look into your own time abundance in your life.    Do you have ‘time’??      Focus on the time abundance you do have and get that you will NEVER get it all done.    Relax and follow your highest excitement – that is where the flow is.


4) Are people saying they aren’t interested in one of those pyramid things?    Take a look at the industry you decided to work in and decide whether it is for you.   For me, I will never do another type of work.  I truly believe this industry is already bailing this country and many others out of financial crisis.    This is utilizing the power of leverage – a concept every wealthy person already understands.

5) Are you feeling it is too complicated and hard to understand?   This is a complicated block to remove as it requires you to get that you don’t have to know stuff.   This goes against most of what has been taught to us.   The reality is that the people that do the best at these type of businesses, don’t know it all…  They get that it is about utilizing the system and plugging people into the system.   The best way to get someone interesting in doing this is to say, “I don’t know.   I’m new.   Let’s find out.”     This allows whoever you are speaking to get that you don’t have to know a bunch of stuff to do this.    Send people to videos or your support team and stop talking about it!   You are new and not qualified to field the questions and most of the questions will be answered by the videos anyway.

Opening up the blocks I had to money and time abundance as an entrepreneur has opened up areas of my life that have nothing to do with ‘business’.   I want to share what I have learned with you so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

Here is a link to an article I wrote called How To Alienate Your Friends With Network Marketing that I recommend here:   www.josephzenner.com/retirement  (also free tickets to the Millionaire Mind Intensive – a $795 value).   There is also an amazing money quiz here that can show you where your blocks are so that you can start to remove them with awareness and affirmations.

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