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Please sign up for email updates on future webinars, classes and other no cost tools I find that can assist you in health, wealth and manifestation:   https://www.socialnetworklaunch.com/josephzenner   (put in your email and you will be sent to some amazing videos and tools on self love which in my opinion is critical to be successful in any business and to simply enjoy life)

Here is the link to the training on Monday nights at 8PM central time: http://meetingszing.com/go/IM_API_User_10004/odccTJ7

Session #1: Here is the link to the session on conscious language, purpose, mirrors of entrepreneurship and ease of sharing your opportunity.

Session #2: Here is the link to the session on dream teams, family fun and imagination exercises.

Session #3:  Here is the link to the session on list building, email campaigns, dream teams and viral videos. 

Session #4:  Here is the link to the session on dream team creation, list building and networking with our wonderful guest Dr. Angelica Underwood.

Session #5: Here is the link to the video from Jeff Walker on proper launch of a product.   We listened to this and had a chat about it.

Session #6: Here is the link to the class we did on Abundance & Money Blocks highlighting videos from Bashar, Abraham Hicks and more!

First, I will list some free and low cost things I have found that are just simply amazing… 

1) FREE –  This is how I organize my brain.   I highly recommend watching the quick training videos on how to use this if you decide to try it – https://workflowy.com/

2) FREE – This is how I communicate with my teams and track my to do lists etc.   This can replace ‘reply to all’ emails to try to coordinate something – https://app.asana.com/

3) FREE – Here is a 7 day course on finding your soul purpose and passion.    Derek Rydell is an absolute master at this and I have done more courses of this nature than anyone I know – http://lawofemergence.com/emergineering/

4) FREE – Daily Prosperity Exercises (see huge checks with your name on them and spend them!) – http://choosingprosperity.com/

5) FREE or $9/month – Hoot Suite is a way to send messages to 30 different social media outlets with one click and schedule your posts in advance (so it can post for you while you are on the beach).   This is a long link, but it includes a free trial – http://signup.hootsuite.com/pro-ent-8/?mkwid=snazRvDQ6_dc&pcrid=38383045294&pkw=hootsuite&pmt=e&gclid=CjgKEAjwq_qcBRDZ-PeZ7NGQiVwSJAATT7q2Uv6_jSj0v6VpxGyFTfb1PFpAfRBIkeLOkLhw6qE38PD_BwE

6) FREE – I have put together a ton of great info to help entrepreneurs on my Retirement Marketing page…  If you are into network marketing, please see the videos and articles I wrote here from all the tough lessons I have learned in the last 4 years…  www.josephzenner.com/retirement

7) Want to learn how to send awesome email campaigns?  Jeff Walker is simply the best.    He teaches people to give away awesome free content (like this blog), and he follows his own advice.    http://jeffwalker.com/    Here is the replay of the book club for his amazing book Launch:  http://www.thelaunchbook.com/bookcast-replay.html

8) FREE – Lots of great information on how to manifest here – www.josephzenner.com/manifestation

9) FREE – Great meditations here.   Use the Sacred Geometry Meditation before work and the Healing Meditation before bed for best results: https://josephzenner.com/meditation/

9) FREE – It is my belief that our self worth is proportional to our income.   For this reason, I built a self love page and have made some ridiculous and mind stretching videos.   Hope you dig it – https://josephzenner.com/love/

9) FREE – eBook from Infusion Soft on how to convert fans and followers into customers.

10) This is the current software I am using to conduct webinars, send video emails, create lead capture pages, schedule posts to multiple social media sites, texts to your team (without mass reply to all) and lots of training on internet marketing.  .   The price is the best I have found.  I do not affiliate this now, but may in the future… This is my friend Jean Lewis’s site.   She is super helpful:    https://www.socialnetworklaunch.com/lewisteam

Things I Personally Endorse Or Affiliate With:  

11) $99 One Time Fee – Build a business with Instagram alone.      http://jvz2.com/c/197645/89998 

12) $48.88 One Time Fee – Tap Into Wealth – This is a class I put together with two of the best energy workers and manifestation coaches I have met.   This combines EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Goal Weaving to help remove limiting beliefs and energetically put you into a magical space… If Helen does not give you a happy empowered buzz, I will happily return your money…   http://helenracz.com/b/tap-into-wealth/?hop=josephz

WANT TO JOIN ONE OF MY BUSINESSES?    (I work many as I have huge teams that support me.  I highly recommend starting with one or two businesses.   I do not recommend working only one company and one source of income down the road though, as you just never know what will happen to that one source.   I have signed up over 300 people personally into my businesses in the last 4 years, so now I share all that I have learned with my teams.    I do regular coaching online seminars with my teams all over the globe to help them remove their blocks and rock this.  I have looked at over 200 nutritional network marketing companies.   These are the best of the best.): 

The group I started is called Heal It Forward.    Our basic mission is to get healing products and practitioners to those that cannot afford them.      Find us on FaceBook here and our mission statement here.

13) Introduction to Doterra Essential Oils – As I am a chemical engineer, I was looking for God’s chemistry kit… I found it with these oils.   This is not just about Aromatherapy.   There is very little that cannot be helped very quickly with essential oils.   This includes but is not limited to headaches, allergies, skin issues, diabetes, high cholesterol, ‘autism’, and many others.       www.josephzenner.com/oils (if interested, please watch the 5 minute summary video I did at the top and then the Kalli Wilson video for more details).   Ask me about how to get wholesale pricing and how to get oils for free or create a great income as I have…    (PEOPLE WHO DO BEST WITH THIS – Moms/Dads, nurses, health coaches, holistic practitioners, health food stores, spas, etc)

14) Introduction to the Hemp Movement – Hemp is not marijuana, that was a lie our government wanted us to belief…  These products deliver no buzz – unless you call a calm, focused, happy mind a buzz… I have been working these type of companies for awhile and I have been extremely successful working multiple companies, but this has moved faster than I could have imagined..   In about 3 months, my team is at 300 and my income is paying all of my bills passively already… I am now getting very close to having the company pay me to drive a Mercedez Benz…  How cool is that?   http://countdowntokannaway.com/hangout/1182216     (PEOPLE WHO DO BEST WITH THIS – truth tellers, advocates, nurses, health coaches, holistic practitioners, health food stores, spas, etc)

15) Asea Miracle Molecules – Asea is simply the single most amazing product I have found.   It will be hard to believe what the videos here claim, but I have been playing with these molecules for over 2 years now and I can vouch for the fact that there is simply not much this product cannot help (notice I say help and not cure as compliance with the FDA is critical)…  www.amazingmolecules.net       (PEOPLE WHO DO BEST WITH THIS – doctors, personal trainers, professional athletes, nurses health coaches, holistic practitioners, health food stores, spas, etc)  http://www.amazingmolecules.com/product/

I hope some or all of this brought value to you… If you use any of this, please share your experience with me as I love feedback… If you are interested in joining one of the companies I ‘work’ with, please let me know and we can set up a time to chat…

Much Love,

Joseph Kilian Zenner

Find me on FaceBook? 

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