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Heal It Forward’s healing products:

(we won’t say we “cure” anything, but there sure are a lot of miracles that happen when you give the body what it is asking for… )

Before I endorse any product it must provide a WOW for me personally…  I have looked at over 200 nutrition companies and landed on these four companies as they are the best products in the world in my opinion and all gave me a huge personal WOW and have done so for many loved ones…

DoTERRA (healing essential oils) are the original doctor’s kit.  The pharmaceutical industry has made billions copying what these plant oils do and twisting the molecules a bit so that it can be patented..   The plant oils have all of the benefit of the healing without the dangerous side effects of molecules that have been tampered with by humans that don’t understand them enough to be doing so…

Zeal is create with 42 super foods.    The only issue I have with Zeal is that it makes people feel so great that it is hard to keep around in our community house!     This product is simply amazing…

To get a great discount on some delicious healthy raw food snacks tell Mark Scherer I sent you for the wholesale discount…

For an understanding of how our Heal It Forward Campaign will help implement the cures to all “dis-eases”, click here…   To join our FB group, click here

For my blog on how to eliminate most health issues with diet changes, click here

For my blog on the essentials to good health, click here

Here is a list of 20 things to avoid at all cost in ingredient hunting:


Great food replacement summary:


My cosmic brother Seaton Collard rocking some Cranial Adjustments in his class at the pharmm:


Want to work out but don’t have the time?   My buddy Brian Stovall found and sells a device that is wonderful at keeping you fit and moving lymph and is done in 10 minutes a day…   Its called the Zaaz Whole Body Vibration Machine, 10 min = 1 Hour in the gym, NASA Technology, FDA Listed as Class 1 Medical Device and Fitness Machine, Tones, Firms, Increases Muscle strength, Flexibility, Mobility, Coordination, Bone Density, Anti- Aging, Flushes Lymphatic System, Improves circulation, releases serotonin, endorphins, helps relieve stress, low back pain and more. You have to try this machine. Say Joseph Zenner sent you and call today for a special $300 discount. Call Brian at 713-48

0-2947.   Here is a video of when it was on THE DOCTORS tv show:

The Incredible Bio-Mat:

My friend Sue Castle introduce me to the Bio-Mat and I was amazed at how it made me feel personally… When I researched the science of it, I was amazed at how they had combined metaphysics and spiritual approaches with documented science…  There is not much that this mat cannot help the body to repair… I highly recommend it for any serious medical condition…  You can find out more about it here…   Please tell Sue I sent you and she will take care of you…  If you are near Bastrop, TX, she even offers a free 20 minute sessions…

Other Great Stuff I Have Found:

Thanks to Nery White for finding these great posters:

(Remember to balance Mg to Ca with a 3:1 ratio… Here is a good site for natural sources of each)

This is just too neat not to include… and in my opinion this is not a ‘coincidence’ (I don’t really believe they exist though, so I am a bit biased)… 

Thanks to Anya Connolly for finding these gems:

Don’t like to get negative with health topics, but boycotting Monsanto is a critical step in healing the food crisis in America:


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