This is a summary of our prices and what we offer.   Please reach out with any questions and special requests as we often come up with a brand new price structure based on the client’s requirements.   Please contact Joseph at 832 729 4090 with any questions or special requests.

Healthy Cooking Classes & Meal Prep Pricing
DINNER & CLASS MEAL PREP FOR ONE WEEK (for up to 4 people)
1 CHEF 2 HOURS @ $80/hour = $160 4 HOURS @ $75/hour = $300
2 CHEFS 1.5 HOURS @ $65/hour = $195 2.5 HOURS @ $65/hour = $325
2 CHEFS & 1 SERVER 2.5 HOURS @ $60/hour = $450
Clean up is included for the meal prep but not for the dinner & class as this would mean paying someone per hour to wait for the dinner party to end. If you would like for one person to provide service to the dinner party and clean-up, the price is $45/hour for this (time would be determined by the event). All food is not included in this pricing. We can provide a grocery list for all items to be picked up or one of our chefs can do the shopping at $45/hour (anyone is welcome to join and learn about how we check ingredients to ensure purity).