They say the first step to self love is forgiveness.   I have the secret to forgiveness and I give it away in my presentation here called 10 Second Ceremonies – The Secret to Forgiveness & Inner Peace:

This is the video I did about how to listen to what our body is trying to communicate to us called What Is Your Body Expressing To You?

Here is a video called Essential Reconnections & Self Empowerment.   Some of the most powerful women on the planet join me in this video.   This was Heal It Forward’s first of many trips to Dallas/FW area.   (see info about each speaker in the info section of the video)

Want to get a free copy of the report that Norah Ramirez Dykema did on Divine Partnerships?

Here are the classes we did that relate to this…

Hope you enjoy and share our video called Ridiculous Self Love Quickies!

Here are the links mentioned in the video!

Huge thanks to Nichole Webb Rivera, Cajun Rose, Brett Hinds, Linda Oechsel, & Cherrie Ellis for their help with this and for their willingness to be Ridiculous!

Here is our FaceBook group called Heal It Forward:

To get your free EOIEHA analysis done as mentioned, just friend and message me on FaceBook –  You can also find out about the miracle of oils at (I highly recommend a video called My Chemistry Made Me Do It)

Want to take a 30 day self love challenge?   I found this amazing women on the internet that changed her life and can show you how to do the same:

The art (being inside being inside being) was done by Chris Morphis –

For more information on Ridiculous Coaching and ThE RiDiCuLoUs HoUr radio show, check out   (You can find interviews with Teal Scott, Franco DeNicola, Pilar Marshall Torres, and many other Ridiculously amazing people.   Soon we will have on Andrew Bartzis and Marcia Wieder, so stay tuned.)

For more info on following the Mayan Calendar, I highly recommend my friend Mariela Maya’s newsletter:

To learn more about Teal Scott and her oneness teachings, you can find her on YouTube or on her site here:

To find our more about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), you can search the internet or check out my favorite practitioner Helen Racz at   What EFT can do may surprise you if you haven’t heard of it.   This is backed by Dr. Bruce Lipton who is one of the smartest people in the galaxy…

For the healing (for sleep) and sacred geometry meditations (as well as many other greats):

To find out more about Pilar Marshall Torres and her book coming out, please join her FaceBook group:

To find out about Mind Movies (a software that allows you to add your pictures and affirmations and it creates a video):   If you need help making your first one, just ask me…


This is an amazing video I just found on wanting and desire:

I highly recommend this free course for getting clear on your soul purpose:

Until the end of the year, there is a ton of free speakers in a series called FROM HEARTACHE TO JOY

My favorite Abraham Hicks Video:

FIVE techniques for immediate smiles:

1) Personal High Five (just try it, it works)

2) Kiss The Bicep (this is a great one for the shower or anytime)

3) Bow To Yourself Then Kiss Your Hand…. important to do it to both hands due to jealousy between the left and right brain…

4) Lightly touch yourself all over your body… Every inch… Just try it, what have you got to lose?  Caution: you may turn yourself on….

5) Smile – even when forced this changes your emotional state and can often lead to you laughing at yourself for being such a dork that you are forcing a smile…


TWO techniques to get out of victim mentality:

1) “I irritate me when you do that” – (William Lynch) – just say this in your head when someone irritates you… advanced level is to say it to who you are speaking to…  repeat it as often as necessary until you get it…

2) Replace all of your victim stories with I or ME for every time there is a  HE/SHE or THEY… If you don’t buy the Oneness concept, this won’t make sense, but it will still work…  This is an exercise to own that all of your reality was created by you…  If you are very resistant to this don’t do it… or do it…  It will blow your mind if you replace all of your stories in this manner…  yes, I realize this can get deep…  there is enough love on this page to handle this or I would not post it here….   please contact me personally if this brings up anything you are not comfortable dealing with on your own…   I’m not claiming this is correct or right, just that it works to release pain…


FOUR techniques for self love and confidence (Our Self Worth is directly proportional to our income IMHO):

1) 18 Affirmations from Wayne Dyer – read green ones here twice per day while walking in a figure 8 pattern:  (the infinity pattern stops our left and right brain from conversing during this re-programing)

2) Watch Teal Scott video on Self Love – – Take the challenge?  (get a friend to do it with you and talk about your results.  This will help you stay on task)   Here is the Teal video on money –    (for more Teal Scott you can catch the interviews we did with her on The Ridiculous Hour here –

3) Louise Hay teaches some things about money that I had to include as they just really hit home for me.   She teaches that we should LOVE paying our bills… It demonstrates our ability to pay and our resistance to paying them stops the flow of money…   As for as what we get paid to do:   “I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do….Begin to bless your current salary with love. Expressing gratitude for what we already have enables it to grow.”  For those more into videos, here you are…

4) Write your dream year out on paper.   Write down each month and what you would love to see happen in that month…  Make it “fictional” and don’t hold any care as to whether it actually happens or not… Read through this list daily and add to it as you go… move things around from month to month if you like…  Since I do all the things I offer to people, you can check out mine here…


Replace habits with awe…  This video will help…

A great video on happiness:

Breathing is critical – helps to stop smoking or other habits:

1) Kundalini Breathing Technique –  (check out all videos by this yogayak on youtube)

There are tons of other practices that are great… These are the ones that I selected…

Check out the Healing and Sacred Geometry Meditations by clicking here…     I recommend Sacred Geometry one twice per day and Healing Meditation before bed or nap…

ANYTIME – Check out the series we are putting on in Houston on the Kundalini and associated breathing exercises… You can check it out from anywhere on the globe for $19 (two courses for this price)…

Thanks for this song Nati…

Here is a technique my friend Randa Fox sent me for getting stuff done around the house:


Are you looking to get more from your day? Want to avoid spending

your precious time reading even more books on productivity? You

may benefit from the Pomodoro Technique.

This method simplifies time and task management with a single,

simple tool: a timer. Try this effective step-by-step method for using

this tool to maximize your productivity.


? The title, “Pomodoro Technique,” is based on the tomatoshaped kitchen timer, but any timer will do. You may benefit

from a physical device that you can set and reset manually.

? Alternately, you may prefer a software application that offers

greater automation.


? Use a sticky note, notepad, piece of scratch paper, or your


? A spreadsheet program such as Excel can work nicely.

? Use check boxes to track every session that you complete.


? While the timer is running, work without distractions.

? A Pomodoro session can be stopped if you must, but it cannot

be paused or restarted.


? When the timer goes off, stop what you’re doing and take a


? Your break should last at least 5 minutes, but not much



? When you’ve completed four successful Pomodoro sessions,

take a longer break.

? Now is a good time for a 30-minute rest.

? You may find it refreshing to have a snack, meal, or even a

short nap to recharge before beginning again.

Here is a summary of tools for empaths:

Here is a great affirmation that my friend Michael Fowler allowed me to post here: (Find Michael at

Statement of Divine Abundance ( spoken out loud daily) Today, (mm,dd,year) I Acknowledge I Am An Eternal Being OF Infinite Divine Light. I am an embodiment of endless love, peace, purity, power & bliss. Originally and eternally, I am safe, I am secure and I am complete. Being the light that I am, I need nothing, I have already attained everything, and I’m free. I recognize that through time and influences, I came to believe in distorted perceptions about my identity and the world I perceived around me. I limited my abundance by believing I was just a mortal being, surviving in an external world of lack, limitations, man-made laws and human possibilities. I now acknowledge that I am a powerful, immortal spiritual being and the world I perceive is simply a mirror of my own inner state of consciousness. I accept the power within me to change my attitude and vision and therefore manifest a new reality around me. I am never a victim. I am the creator and artist of my life and my world. I am an extremely powerful infinite consciousness and exist before and after death. As of today, I am fully released from any past blockages and fears around money. I am now happy, willing and grateful to enjoy the abundance that is my divine inheritance. I accept that physical wealth is a part of spirituality and I wholeheartedly welcome money and wealth to flow fully into my life. Money and wealth are healthy, natural and good and there is always more than enough for everyone. I now reconnect my awareness to the unlimited light I am, and draw upon the Ultimate Source of All Abundance, the Constant Ocean of Love, the Unlimited Supply of Pure Light and Infinite Wealth. As I breathe now, I am deeply nourished by this radiant light and love and I re-experience my own eternal wealth and prosperity as an eternal child of God, the Ocean of Limitless Wealth and Constant Bliss. From today, all good things I now think and feel become manifest. Truly I have attained everything, right here, right now and forevermore. Money is forever flowing in my life and there is always divine surplus. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!

Thanks for making it this far down… Here is something my friend Jessica Robison posted that I thought was a great summary:

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5 Comments on “self love”

  1. loans for bad credit

    obviously like your website however you need to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts.
    Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very troublesome to inform
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  2. Barbara

    A. Hosting a class
    B. Making Bath Salts, Lotions, Candles
    C. Emotional Healing
    D. Toxic Cleansing
    F. Talking to Health Food Stores, Yoga Studios and Spiritual Practitioners about carrying our oils
    G. Perform EOIEHA (Essential Oils Intuitive Emotional Healing Analysis) on people with interest (my time is not allowing me to do this for all of the request – the people you consult will be sponsored by you)
    H. Work booths at festivals, biker rallies, health fairs etc…
    I. Help us find people willing to host classes on boats! The bigger the boat the better of course…

    These are all possibilities for me, Joseph.

  3. Peter Karanikas

    Hi there..
    Interestingly enough, I feel like you could be talking directly to me. So I’m going work on the assumption that you are and take this opportunity to share some stuff as if you are. And affirm to myself and the world that I existed.
    First of all, I’f my assumption be true, I’m flattered and touched by the gesture. One love is alive and well here.
    And if my assumption be false, I can comfort myself with the knowledge that its all about me. anyway. :p One love is alive and well here also.
    My facebook family, bless their unified consciousness hearts, are for the most part a caring group of people. and they delight in sharing their advice and feedback with me according to performance. and with all due respects, little of it is useful. Mostly confusing.
    What has really surprised me is that only one person has pulled me aside, (no pun intended), and asked me what it is that I’m doing.
    At face value it it may seem a bit obvious. in practice, what you’re seeing is the culmination of over 25 years of consistently focused work in metaphysics and esoterics. much of it spent deep in the trenches of the shadow. By choice. The later part of it out on the boundaries of consciousness. The last two years have seen me leave work, exit the system as much as possible focus on the evolution of my spiritual being.
    Those twenty five years have seen me test drive and adopt a wide variety of modalities. as well as designing a number of therauputic interventions to address my own robotic existence. The details of my early life had been unkind to my testicles. And they quite rightly decided to vacate the premises, I won’t bore you with details, Suffice it to say, yes was my favourite answer to any request. Vocal paralysis when having to give anything approaching an opinion. or ask for something was another favourite response.
    A quick run down of background … been training shaolin kung fu and chi gung for a looong time. crystals work, kinesiology, taosit male sexual practices, all the text book 1990’s spiritual buzzword practices. including juice, fasting, colonic irrigations, vipasana meditation retreats, personal development courses, worked in engineering for the navy. (thought I needed more discipline). I have a number of master qualifications in neuro linguistics and temporal hypnosis, (hence the sometimes odd, blunt replies to problem questions that are posted), Utilizing multi media and music for metaphorical interventions, An interesting twist on healing through eye accesing. sold vacuum cleaners………
    That was all to get me to two years ago when the real work began. I consider myself an accomplished metaphysician. What may seem like a pleasnt way to spend a day to you is a days work for me. I do a lot of work with frequency. Anchoring upgraded frequencies into the grid. DNA activation and cellular communication through a process of alchemical transfiguration, fear elicitation and resolution, (the most important part), energetic massage, channeled activations, modified eye accessing work for rewriting the program, chi gong, dance, to trance music and the work involved in integrating the energies of the Divine Feminine into masculine form.
    It is the integration work that people think I have a problem with. and for a long time, I did. It’s important to understand that what the melding of the masculine and feminine energies does is turns the male phallus, (phallus, good solid word that), into an overgrown clitoris. Or an enhanced phallus. As required. This requires you activating nerve endings in the foreskin. (Hello DNA activation… speaking of which, what does DNA stand for?

    (National Dyslexic Association:).

    Another consequence of melding masculine and feminine energies in to masculine form is a stable quantum state.
    On the down side, the shadow heavy nature of the work sees your vibrational amplitude increasing. which makes your frequency more prominent. the obvious issue here is the eventual dismantling of your privacy. No sneaking a quick one in. Your private affairs are public property. which leaves you with a choice to ,make. do you continue to follow your ascension path whilst under public scrutiny? Or do you pull the pin, (no pun intended again), when the first archon comes and has a perve on you.
    And this is the test we are a part of. can you open up and discover the love of God in you? This is the lesson. that we need to learn. To be openly loving. And when you think about it, it makes all the sense in the world.
    And with that, I’ll pull the pin, (pun intended :), on this reply. I’ve never been comfortable or effective at discussing me and my life. I’m delighted to say that this was easy and enjoyable for me. and i feel all the better for it. Thank you for creating such a safe place/ Thank you fro reaching out. Thank you for being so unhinged.
    Hope this has answered some of your questions.
    Take care,

    My other self love…

  4. Peter Panayiotis Karanikas

    And most importantly, the point of this.
    Only to say I appreciate the opinions and advice that everyone offers.
    Just relax and enjoy the ride.
    take from it what you need.
    It is first and foremost a healing process and spiritual practice.
    All is well
    And if you want to know something, just ask.

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