Teal Scott did the best video I have seen on how to manifest all you desire:

Another great video on this…

Jason Holden has also been on The Ridiculous Hour and has some great videos below on




Rikka Zimmerman is one of my favorites..

Some great discussions on manifestation can be found in the archives of my radio show called The Ridiculous Hour…  Teal Scott’s interviews have been listened to by over 100,000 people and are changing the way many look at many things…  www.locallivehouston.com/archives/ridiculoushour     You can also find interviews with Seaton Collard, Aria, Dr. Houston Vetter, Dr. Steve Hinkey, Chef Belive, Robert Sage, Chip Hankey, Randa Fox, Rasheed Hooda, Pilar Torres, and many more…

Check out Teal Scott’s live online workshop she did on 12/15/12… Let me just say there was a huge coming out of the closet (and not a sexuality one!)…

Click here for our Heal It Forward call on conscious language we did with Seaton Collard.

Click here for our Heal It Forward call we did with Dr. Jody Stanislaw on the importance of nutrition.

This guy gets it:

Napoleon Hill talking about Think and Grow Rich:

My friend Amira Martinez Horti translated Teal Scott into spanish!  Don’t forget to click “CC”…  http://www.youtube.com/user/TealenEspanol

Great video the love of my life Natalia found on what is possible in this new world of technology… wowzers to say the least… https://vimeo.com/40464684

Love this breakdown of the brain from my friend Rashan B: http://manifestabsolutelyanything.net/whole-brain-synchronized-thinking

Best write up I have EVER seen on manifestation comes from Teal Scott…  You can find it here

Bashar has started to share some really special information on brain circuitry.   If you aren’t into channels, this is not for you:

and the follow up homework from that video:

Yoda has to be included of course:

Having money issues?   Check out Teal Scott (The Spiritual Catalyst) explaining how money works:

A great video on shadow work.  If this sounds scary, it might mean it is right up your alley or not quite yet…  If you need practice on shadow work the fun way, try watching the Bjork video called Triumph of the Heart… There is nothing that should bother you in it, yet people are sometimes put off by something in this amazing video…

Bjork just created magic…

and I did not forget this is my manifestation page, so we get started with this (focus on what irritates you… if nothing, you are enlightened: congrats):

I have enjoyed studying law of attraction and manifestation over the last few years and wanted to share some of the best resources I have found here.   If there is one thing that I have learned is that the universe is like a postal delivery system.  If you are extremely specific, it can help you create the exact life you want.   The problem for most is that the universe is a feedback loop – so if you are unclear on what you want, it has a really tough time delivering that to you.   In fact, if your intent is not clear, confusion is what it gives back to you most often.   I have compiled some of my favorite mentors here with links to some of their free stuff.     If any of this brings up some crazy or wild dreams that you have been hiding inside, I want to know about that.   What I find amazing is that if you take the dreams of heart felt people, they almost always fit together like puzzle pieces.   I help people find others who are doing similar things, so that we can all help each other.   Heaven on earth is absolutely achievable and it is right around the corner from you regardless of where you are right now…

A new friend named Paige Bartholomew has created a video that had me bump all other videos down in order to put hers first.   That is how important I think it is that as many people as possible see this video…   This video is the best description of true oneness I have heard and all in less than 13 minutes… Truly impressive Paige, namaste…

One of my favorite steps to manifestation is understanding the brain and consciousness a bit better…. Dr. Bruce Lipton wrote my favorite books (The Biology of Belief) and has one of my favorite brains…

The next step for me was to get clear on my dream.  Marcia helped me to realize that my true dream was…. (drum roll)   To make sure that no one I loved or cared about ever worried about money again.   (now maybe you can see why I am so busy 🙂    What is it you want to do with the rest of your life?   Marcia Wieder has some free ebooks on this that can help you – even if you don’t have a dream yet…  She is amazing at helping you get rid of your internal doubter and empowering yourself.

Dream University – (click for free ebooks)

If you would like to participate in her speaker program online, I am an affiliate.  I will split my commission with you if you have the interest…  This is an amazing deal for the information delivered… I am have been to two of Marcia’s events and to say she changed my life would be a huge understatement.  I love you Marcia!

Joe’s affiliate link to Maria Wieder’s programs

Next, it is time to get rid of what you think is reality.  Rikka Zimmerman, with Access Consciousnes, is the best I have found at doing this.    Forget everything you know and learn to live life as if it were a playground (because it is!)…

Click here for Rikka’s free 4-part audio series that will change your life forever

Here is my affiliate link for Access Consciousness

Now, for some great videos I have found on random but very related topics:

Noah St. John is great at getting your internal dialogue to a place that empowers you:

Collective Evolution 2 is one of the best documentaries I have seen (and I watch a lot) on what is going on with the planet right now:  (this comes with a religious sensitivity warning – if you think it may offend you, watch at your own risk.)

True Nature of Our Reality by Franco DeNicola from Collective Evolution 2 is another great way to realize how things work (IMHO of course):

My friend Meg Benedicte is amazing at vortex meditations and clearing energies.  Check out a blogtalkradio show she did that I listen to as often as I can:

Click here for an amazing meditation from Meg Benedicte

Also, my friend Claudia McNeely has a great energy clearing technique that she shares here:

Click here for the Claudia’s technique and amazing website with a free ebook on self healing

If you don’t know about the lightworkers and have made it this far, you are ready…  I can introduce you to some amazing lightworkers if you would like to know a few…  You already know a few in your life and will more than likely realize you are one soon yourself if you haven’t already….

Would love to hear some stories about how the law of attraction has changed your life.   I have many stories, but plan on sharing them at our workshops and calls so I don’t want to ruin the endings for you here…

Do you believe changing our love and vibration can change natural disasters?


Learned about my life purpose and life lesson with  Peggy Sue Skipper

Found out which Gems will make me shine with Teresa Maron

The Ridiculous Coach brand was announced 6 months early due to my creative catalyst, Lynn Scheurell

Just met and already changed by Cory Michelle Johnson
TheThrivingEntrepreneur.com (she is a playmate of Rikka’s and one of my personal coaches as well)

And of course I got some coaching with the stars from Patricia Selmo

Tell them I sent you and they will treat you extra special… 🙂

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