Studying the mayan calendar and my associated chart and all it means has changed my life to the degree that I felt compelled to share how to do this here…

First step is to look up your birthday and find out your galactic signature which includes your tone and dreamspell.     The tone is the number above the art of your sign (a bar is 5 and a dot is 1).    (this is the website of my teacher Mariella Maya and I highly recommend her newsletter and checking the daily energies on her site)

Now that you know your galactic signature, you can find out more about yourself and the 4 archetypes that help you.   This is also interesting as every 5 mayan years, which are 260 days, you go through each of these types.   This means for 260 days you go through one, then to the next for five cycles then it starts over…

To find what archetype you are and much more, you can see what archetype is associated with your galactic signature (tone is the middle word in your galactic signature and doesn’t matter here):

This will give you the number of your archetype and you should already know your tone number from above, so now you can watch this video on numerology from Book Of The Cube and find out more about your two numbers:   

Next, you can learn more about your archetype and how it relates to other archetypes here (it is very fun to look up friends and family and see how they fit into the archetype as well):

If it resonates, I also recommend the other 49 sections from Book of the Cube on Youtube…

Hope you love it, please post below what your galactic signature is and what you learned about yourself if you wish to share…



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