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I also wrote an article called The Mirrors Of Entrepreneurship that you may enjoy if you are having objections and want to clear them super quickly…

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Below you will find lots of free stuff I have found on marketing etc…  Here is what I put together from my personal experience in network marketing:

How To Alienate Your Friends With Network Marketing by Joseph Zenner:

Network marketing can be an amazing way to filter your friends in terms of who really loves you… Especially if you follow certain rules which will alienate all but the friends who truly love you… For those that for some reason do not want to reduce the amount of friends they have, I will also offer alternatives methods that can allow you to do amazing in network marketing without alienating any friends.  Your call in which you would like to follow…  I have used all of these methods and have chosen to keep my friends for now and teach others how to not do what I did… However, this is great information to know how to alienate a friend in case one of them ever needs to be removed…

So for each of the below numbers, the “A” will be how to (A)lienate your friends and the “B” will be how to (B)e a friend to your friends..

1A – The very best way to alienate a friend is to get into business with someone you don’t get along or like very much.   This will not only not work well for your business, but will allow you to dig deep into all the reasons you didn’t hang out with this person more in the first place.   This is a great way to do shadow work on yourself.   When working with someone, you get to see the good and the areas of opportunity they have.    If you want to work on why things irritate you in life, this can be a great way to do that.   I have done this and do recommend it for personal growth (just not for business growth).

1B – If you do not want to strain any old relationships, I recommend selecting people to share your venture with that you would enjoy taking a vacation with.  Please take special note of the word ‘enjoy’ in the last sentence.   My rule of thumb is that if I would not ‘enjoy’ a 24 hour plane ride with someone, I do not take them on as a business partner.  Same rule for customers, but for 12 hours as your interaction with them will be much less.   I utilize some groups that do my filtering for me, so that I don’t necessarily need to know everything about someone to discuss joining my business.   For example, if they are in certain groups or organizations, I assume a certain level of coolness.   This can backfire as well, but is a good way to filter people when looking to add non warm market people to your adventure.    Be honest with people when you talk to them.  This is one thing I have told my friends.

“Listen, I have found a way to create a massive retirement income and I am looking for people that I want to vacation with to join me in this venture.  Have interest in hearing about it?”

2A – The second way to alienate your friends is to turn yourself into a commercial without warning.  The best way to do this is to do what I call conversation stalk.   You simply listen to the conversation waiting for the right time to jump in and start your commercial.   This could be any time they mention money or lack of money, you can jump in and start telling them about how they SHOULD check out this great business opportunity.   Be sure not to ask if they want to hear about it, simply start spouting information at them.  This is called vomiting on them.  This is an amazing way to make people feel uncomfortable immediately.   If you have ever had a party and you played Pandora, then a commercial comes on right when the party is getting rockin – this is a similar feeling you are creating for your friend.  Actually Pandora did get your permission to do this, so you doing this is actually worse than Pandora doing what they do.

2B – To be a friend instead of vomiting on your friend, the first step is to ask for permission to share information.  This will allow them to know what is about to come at them and say yes or no to whether they would like to hear about it.   Once someone has given you permission to talk about something, the energy shift in terms of how open their mind is to hearing and appreciating the information is huge.   Great questions to ask permission to talk to someone about your business.   (see section 2 and 3 to learn more about how to proceed once permission is given)
“Hey, do you have interest in hearing about a way I found to create another income?”
“Are you interested in hearing about a way to heal your family with some products that are working amazing for mine?”

3A – Talk too much.  This is an easy one.  An extension of the vomiting on people.  You can do this even after getting permission to talk to them.   What you do is let them ask one question and then you answer 15 questions they did not ask.   This is an amazing way to confuse, overwhelm and even piss off your friends.   Since we know all this ‘stuff’, it is easy to do this.   This will ensure they will never want to join you in your business as people almost never get excited about having to learn a bunch of stuff (since you are all they know about this business, they assume  everyone  will have to learn what you learned).   It is also a great way to get them thinking that you have ‘drank the Kool-Aid’ and have been officially brain washed…

3B – To keep your friends and not talk too much, this is simple… Simply don’t talk about your business to your friends… Ever… Yes, I said it… Ask people if they would be willing to check out a video (permission) and then if they have questions about it (which means interest), connect them with your sponsor to answer them.   This shows them that new people  do not have to know stuff.  This is critical to people considering a new business… Remember, the harder you make this to do the the less people want to do it… If you want to learn all there is to know about your business so that you can answer every single question, that is great and amazing – do that.  BUT, only answer questions from the new people that your newest team members bring in.   This is called ‘Let the grandparents do all the talking’.   So NO ONE has to talk to their own friends about this business.   If you don’t see the magic in this method, contact me and I will explain in depth.  It works, trust me.   You can even use this method by using your downline as support instead of your upline – the important thing is no one talks to their friends.   NOTE: You can use your judgement in answering very simple questions, but I highly recommend not getting into any answer that they would think you had to ‘study’ to know the answer to.   If you have a story about how this has effected your life (health/wealth etc), this is okay to share with permission:

“Can I share with you how this has changed my life?”

Keep the story focused on emotions and not facts… How did you feel before and how did you feel after?

4A – Tell your friends what they NEED to do,  what they would like, and what they should do (this is called shoulding on people).  People love to resent others for telling them what will be good for them, so this ends up being a super great way to start to alienate a friend.  More work will be needed, but this is a good start.
“You NEED to watch this video, you WILL love it!”
“You SHOULD really check out this business!”

4B – After getting permission, tell people how this business is effecting you personally…  Feel the energy difference in these do statements as if I were talking to you:

“YOU would love this. This would be great for YOU.”

“I have found something that I am so excited about.  It is a perfect fit to help me accomplish some of my wealth and retirement goals.”  (this is a great way to see if they have interest without asking for permission… If you tell them this and they don’t ask about it – guess what?  they have no interest)


If you have interest in creating an additional income and becoming part of one of my amazing teams, please continue reading to find out more (see how I asked for permission?)

If you came to this page from the hemp movement, please don’t read further as I do not allow cross recruiting in my organizations…   Thanks for understanding… 

Since I have researched and looked at so many “opportunities”, many people want to know what companies I feel are the best.   Here are the companies Heal It Forward endorses and why:

1) Zeal Wellness can be taken by anyone and is the best I have found for mental clarity, focus and energy.  This replaces all vitamins and there is also a great toxic cleansing program that rawks for weight loss:

2) Doterra Essential oils are my medicine cabinet.   Just look up the issue and find the oil that helps with that.   They are easy to use and flat out work – no brainer:

3) Asea miracle water is Heal It Forward’s catch all.  This product helps ALL cellular health and function and the whole game of health is about cellular health: 


The next 4 links I have no affiliations with and you will need to put in your email on the last two.. I like getting emails from these folks, but you can use your discernment..

Click here for a free ebook on network marketing… 

Click here for a free ebook on spiritual enlightenment…

Click here for a free video on instant manifestation (email needed, secure site though): 

Best I have seen on living in the flow:

Love this breakdown of the brain from my friend Rashan B.  Also a great PDF to help you create whatever you would like to manifest:

In my ridiculous coaching, I help people to discover what their true passion

is and how to monetize it. I have found that if you take the dreams and

desires of heart felt loving people, they always fit together like a puzzle.

As a connector, I take pleasure in finding out how these puzzle pieces should

fit together and helping people find others that can help them grow and thrive.

As the dollar collapses, there is one thing that is

certain in my opinion – we should not be in this

battle alone. The believe in ‘survival of the fittest’ has

damaged our society and the banks have taken advantage of this by setting

up a system in which it is almost impossible for any individual to get ahead.

This is not true when we join forces and create teams that look out for each

other. I have currently set a goal to help 20 people reach 6 figures in the next

18 months by utilizing and leveraging the work of others to excel in business.

Many folks are using these companies as fund raisers for their true passions.

As I am into health and wellness, the companies I have selected are all about

helping people become more energized and empowered to live an amazing life.

I only endorse a company if it has absolutely changed my life and I encourage

all to do the same. We are now making very significant dents in the prosperity

of many pharmaceutical companies and I could not be happier about that. If

you are considering a way to create an additional stream of income with unlimited

potential, I suggest you find a product that resonates with you and try it. If it

changes your life, you are going to want to tell your friends and family about it

regardless. I have looked at literally hundreds of opportunities and have selected

the ones below as they offer a WOW factor regarding vitality and energy. If you

have no interest in creating an additional income, but would like to become a

customer of mine that would be great as well. Either way, I would also love it if

you joined my Facebook community called the pharmm (philanthropy,

health, adventure, retirement, meditation & manifestation)

For those with interest in the 18 month to 6 figure program, please reply to this message immediately and tell me why you have that interest and how many hours a week you have to dedicate to this.

If interested in any of these products or opportunities, let’s talk to ensure we are addressing any health, energy or financial issues you are having (yes, you can start with ZERO money).

Proper hydration is the main thing to focus on these days. If you are drinking bottled or tap water and are wondering why you aren’t feeling more energy or vitality, it is because most of it is acidic and mineral hungry… If you can’t afford to buy alkaline water, you can add lots of lemon to your water… If this sounds counter-intuitive, congrats on remembering your chemistry… What happens is that the acid pump turns off when it recognizes lemon coming in, so the body needs to use less hardness (Ca/Mg) to balance the pH of the blood (which is always 7.34 btw, so all this talk about being ‘acidic’ or ‘alkaline’ can be a bit misleading). If you are wondering why coke does not trigger the same reaction it is because it has no DNA for the body to read and label as acidic, so the body continues to pump acid on top of the acid of the soda… Soooo, if you have heartburn or acid reflux, try lemon or vinegar to shut off your acid pump. I came to this knowledge over a year ago and have not had heartburn since. If lemon is a no go for you, try food grade baking soda… just a teaspoon in 8 oz is plenty.

more tools below:

If you haven’t noticed, the new model is all about giving away free content.  If you already have free content that you can give-away, the next link is a great place to build your list.   Christy Love ( added 15 people to her list in the first day.   I highly recommend her free newsletter by the way.   If you have not signed up for updates to my posts on this website by the way, hope you will do so here…

So, here is a great way to add to your list by giving away free stuff:

Click here if you already have a give-away and a way to capture email addresses

If you are still in the stage of developing your dream and are having some issues with doubt, Marcia Weider will blow you away with the clarity she delivers…  She certainly catalyzed my growth, vision and passions…

 Joe’s affiliate link to Marcia Wieder’s programs

Some of my thoughts on retirement:

I want to be clear that I will probably never retire – just doesn’t seem like something that is for me.    The ‘retirement’ I am referring to is letting go of doing the things that do not bring you joy.   If you are already doing something that you are passionate about, I tip my hat to you and look forward to helping you in anyway I can.   If you hate your job, but would rather do that then branch out on your own I certainly respect that as well (but do wonder why you clicked on a page called ‘retirement marketing’).   I personally belief that any good business should be able to work without you.   I realize that model does not fit for everyone that is following their passion as many enjoy doing hands on work.   However, if you can produce a ‘product’ revolving around what you do, this model can still work for you.  I am working with many people on creating videos, ebooks or video seminars for both free give-aways and to have something to sell on their websites…

If you are looking for a company to step into and start helping people with their health, I can add you to one of our teams that do just that.   We have ‘easy button’ trainings that can teach you how to find out who has interest by just sending out Facebook invites.    See the opportunities to the right of this page for more information.

You will also see my good friend Jim Foreman is currently offering $100 websites (yes, that is what I paid for this one) – not sure how long that will last….

I am glad you are looking into this page as it means you are making steps toward going after a career you love and get paid well to do…. Congrats for that… Namaste…

As on all of my pages, I love comments so please share yours if you have one…

Joseph Zenner

The Ridiculous Coach

[email protected]

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