ThE RiDiCuLoUs HoUr and Ridiculous Sessions with Joseph Zenner

The RiDiCuLoUs HoUr radio show can be found on YouTube and the old shows will be archived to iTunes soon…  Here is the link to the shows on Youtube:

Here is a quick video about Ridiculous Coaching:

Here are the courses and energy work that I offer to both groups and one on one:


1) Ridiculous Coaching – Live Your Passion and Get Paid For It $120 / 2 hour session

2) The Secret To Forgiveness – A New Perspective That Will Have You Feeling Lighter $75 / hour session

3) Life Mapping – Aligning Your Beliefs, Principles, Goals & Actions – $120 / 2 hour session

4) Toxic Cleanse Coaching – Releasing Molecular Emotional Baggage & Excess Fat –  $30/hour consulting by phone or free if you order more than $100 in essential oils (which I believe everyone could benefit from or I would not endorse them so strongly).

5) Ridiculous Health Coaching – The only changes I recommend are easier and taste better.   I am not a believer in ‘dieting’ or that it has to be hard.   $30/hour consulting by phone or free if you order more than $100 in essential oils (which I believe everyone could benefit from or I would not endorse them so strongly).

6) Essential Oils Intuitive Emotional Healing Analysis (EOIEHA) – Translating Body Pain Into Emotional Healing Opportunities Through The Knowledge Of Plants $30/hour consulting by phone or free if you order more than $100 in essential oils (which I believe everyone could benefit from or I would not endorse them so strongly).

7) Essential Oils Classes – Toxic Cleansing & Weight Loss, Emotional Healing (& EOIEHA), Bath Salts/Lotions/Candles, Replacing Your Medicine Cabinet, and many more to come…   FREE TO ALL!    See calendar here

8) Ordained Minister – my certificate says this means I can do spiritual counseling and and healing.   Who knew?  My church is called ‘Unified Church Of Seperation’.   Yes, this is real.   $100-300 per ceremony depending…

9) Business / Marketing / FaceBook Coaching – $100 / Hour (keep an eye out for online FB trainings!)


10) Reiki Session – Healing With Unconditional Love $75 / Hour

11) Access Bars – Access Consciousness Energy Modality Similar To Cranial Sacral $100 / Hour (this creates an amazing feeling, see testimonial below)

12) Reiki with Aromatouch Technique (utilizes essential oils) – $100 / Hour


Here is a video about Access Consciousness and Bars:

Here is a testimonial from Nichole W on Running the Bars:

“I recently enjoyed the Running The Bars Energy Work that Joseph Zenner does and oh my stars! What an amazing experience. It was like being bathed in a warm energetic glow of loving light. I have never felt anything like it and think it would be the perfect treat for anyone during this busy Holiday Season!”  (I do offer this in non holiday season too!  LOL)

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See below for links to the show and for archives!

For updates and text reminders for your favorite show:

It’s videos like this that are why we don’t want corporate sponsors…  You can’t tame this…

ThE RiDiCuLoUs HoUr on is a show that comes with a strong language and general content warning.   If you get offended easily this show is not for you (unless you enjoy being offended).   There is nothing off limits on this show, but our primary theme is galactic conundrums and making fun of things that most consider sacred.  We have interviewed some of the most knowledgable people in the galaxy about what is going on with our planet and what the solutions are for our future.    It is my belief that all on this planet are ascended masters or they simply would not be in this master class.


Catch archives of our amazing past shows here:

Find’s FaceBook Page here:

MEET THE CREW: – Our Station – Thank you Jordan Pannell & Chris Shannon for everything.   We enjoy making a mockery of online radio.

Brandon Connor – Producer & Willing Volunteer – Brandon’s fashion sense makes the rest of the show look RiDiCuLoUs.    His body sweat is a drug that is on the black market called YummyPuppyLove…   He recently won an award for Producer of the Milky Way.    We can’t wait for the finals when he competes for Producer of the Cosmos.     Vote for B!!!!!

Ana CQ – Musical Director – Ana speaks in music and simply cannot stop her flow. When she is missing from the show, there is a gap in the space time continuum.   Follow her on FaceBookTwitterInstagram, & Intro2Bliss

Brandy Deutsch – Hostess – Brandy’s heart sends energy up to a satellite and bounces it right to yours.    If you don’t love Brandy, you are RiDiCuLoUs…  If you do, you are RiDiCuLoUs!    Check out her website.

Joseph Zenner – Host – Joseph was kicked out of the Galactic Federation of light, which is ironic because as most know they endorse our show as often as they can.    Joseph simply never grew up, but he is certainly not growing down.     You are on his website already, please feel free to fool around.

Mercury Wolff – RiDiCuLoUs BaNd – Their site,  Mercury and Lee are great friends of ours that we enjoy having around because instant cuddle parties break out.    Their music is not from this galaxy, but it certainly ain’t from any other broke ass galaxy either…    Listening to this music will turn you into the good kind of insane.

Enloom – House Band – It is surprising that we can even see Enloom as they operate from a different dimension than us.    These gentlemen are as talented as their music is seductive.

Say Girl Say – ? – Don’t know how this band will play a part yet, but dang we love some Luke Odom and these two young ladies harmonize in a manner that is inter-galactic (obviously you are getting the theme here…)

Below you will find some of the ridiculous things I have done in my life… I choose silly most often – doesn’t mean you have to… I help people to understand that they are the Neo in their universe.   The entire universe you experience is a hologram reflection of what is inside you.   This is now proven with science or I probably wouldn’t believe it.

why am I qualified to coach people to be Ridiculous?   Because I live it!!

Want to enjoy Jack Johnson, but don’t speak an earthly language??  My daughter and I got your back…

Here are some members of the pharmm and I singing one of our many theme songs:

Here is the primary theme song of the pharmm that describes what the letters mean:

You may enjoy this too…  Yes, that’s a chubbier version of me with the alligator.   One of my best friend’s Scott Perry and his buddy Eric Curtis are the brains behind this awesomeness…   His brother Josh (the Ponceman) Perry is the most genius actor on the planet… period… Click here for Josh and Scott’s YouTube channel.

One of the best songs ever written… Emily, Juan Moncayo, Zoe Williams and myself wrote this one… Randa Fox Baby…

Okay, why not… here is LeCoques… This was a contest called Joe’s Workshop… almost completely best friends in these two videos… we had 10 hours from concept, shoot and edit… ready for play that night… this is the ridiculous stuff we came up with:

and to the winners of the contest, the Douche Whisperer (i’m not in this one… they kicked our ass in views, but cheated with a big shot hollywood producer)   Scott Allen Perry (SAP) didn’t promote our video on his channel and we promoted his on ours… there I said it, let’s start another one of those fake fights SAP likes on the internet!

Find more of SAP Abnormal Comedy on youtube: check out Ponceman, Josh is one of my very best friends in the world, love you bro!   This is the most ridiculous video of him:

This was also with the Perry Brothers… Used to be if you searched ‘Dancing Idiot’ on youtube I was always top 3, now its top 10…. not sure how people got more idiotic than this… truly…

A glass pipe company hired me to gain some press, so I interviewed one of the most amazing glass artists on the planet, Rick Satava:

Some fire walking with Christi Love, Melissa Riedel, John Maisel, and many other wonderful people at Eagle Heart:

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