I hope all that come to this page understand this is to bring up new subjects and to create debate.   I do believe in almost everything in these videos though and would love to discuss a topic in the comment’s section…

This is the best story of creation I have seen…  wow info…

Oh that 1.6…  the final proof of God?   (geez, I can be so melodramatic).   Thanks for finding this Randa Fox…

Want to know the astrology and astronomy of 12/21/12?

Thanks to my good friend Andy McCavin for this one:

Thanks to my cosmic brother Arnie Beliew for this one:

Thanks to an angel named Jo Cheryl for the follow up:

Great video the love of my life Natalia found on what is possible in this new world of technology… wowzers to say the least… https://vimeo.com/40464684

Pal Bloom – The Origins of Pleasure:

Very cool singing plants: (thanks Nati)

Very cool sacred geometry experiment with sand:

Sounds of the planets… Which is your favorite?  (not all have been recorded, these are the best of the ones I found.   Play them all together if you dare… )







The Magic of Consciousness…

Itzhak Bentov may be my favorite scientist of all time…  he was 50 years before his time… the basis for most of today’s new age metaphysical science… read his bio somewhere if you have the time, he was incredible…

Nassim Haramein proves every proton is a black hole:

Doubling your brain power:

a great video harmonics and sacred geometry:

Gregg Braden explaining the ether field and the power of healing demonstrated:

complete solar gazing process described by Hira Ratan Manek:

great video on the fabric of space time:

another great video sent to me from one of my spiritual guides Galyn Clayton:

astral projections and out of body:

a summary of things that you may enjoy:

A song about free energy… mentions Nassim so I had to post… 🙂

Ode to the fibonacci ratio… wow to say the least:

This is a flower of life I made with Geomagnets and a magnetic stirrer (fall 2010):

Drunvalo Malchizedek’s Birth of a New Humanity will be the most controversial of the videos on this page until I find something more so…   would love comments on this one…

Here is the 2009 documentary called Kymatica:

My friend David Russel put together this amazing site on the brain and where we are going in general…  check out his website and Facebook page and you won’t be disappointed…



If you haven’t seen our pharmm (philanthropy, health, adventure, retirement, meditation & manifestation) Facebook page, you will love the posts in there as well… Some amazing people set to change the world…


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9 Comments on “ridiculous science”

  1. deana goodbear

    thank you for making this available.. i love that people are exanding their minds and connecting on a different level..

  2. Cathy Elaine

    Re: Isaak Bentov ~ I have long suspected that many of the people in insane asylums have been those with extremely advanced perceptive abilities. The more we evolve, the more difficult it becomes to function in outdated systems and organizations. At least, that has been my experience and observation.

    1. Gavin Bartlett

      An insight probably shared by another of my heroes, the great Abraham Maslow, who believed that only about 1/3 of the world’s population is mentally healthy. He postulated that the accepted yardstick for mental health used by most mental health professionals and by society as such is merely the absence of visible symptoms of psychopathology. If you have not already done so, get hold of his works and read them. The great tragedy is that the only institutions that have made any effective use of his amazing insight into human nature has been the advertising industry and their greedy corporate clients- and it is MISUSE of evil proportions. Cheers

  3. Felix Readus

    Great Stuff!!! I think these articles demonstrate that the Enlightenment should be truly termed the “Endarkenment” (R). So much knowledge was lost and ridiculed. Modern science is showing its limitations and how this ancient knowledge is relly the future…Love and Gratitude

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