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Book Of Secrets: Joseph Zenner 2.0

I have been told by pretty much every past life expert I know (and I know a few) that I was less than a ‘good’ guy in many past lives and I am here to repair those.. To you I apologize from my past self and hope we can let it go… squash it… jellyfish… not sure what I did … Read More

Here is your link to the class…

Here is the link to your event.   Please log in early to ensure there are no issues with signing into Livestream and setting up an account.   Setting up an account will mean you will get future class updates from Joseph Zenner, but you can shut this off at any time… https://new.livestream.com/accounts/1911928/events/3202381 Buy good essays write my essay for … Read More


The Mirrors of Entrepreneurship Are you an entrepreneur and also studying oneness and doing mirror work (seeing the universe as a reflection of yourself)?    I’m not asking you to believe anything, but below is what I have found to be true in helping many get past their blocks to money and all other areas of abundance. 1) Are people … Read More

Here is your link and next class!

The next online essential oils class is Monday 7/21/14 at 9PM CENTRAL TIME. Please set alarm for 8:50PM and have paper and pen ready if you are a note taker. Here is your link to the class!   http://meetingszing.com/go/IM_API_User_10004/odccTJ7 For more information about oils or to invest in your own, please contact the person that invited you to this class!     … Read More

Jedi Training

First step to Jedi Training is to find the training that resonates with you.    I am giving many options here and am leaving it up to you to find your sources of info.    Please know that I am not responsible for anything that you go through or experience if you take on these trainings.   I would be … Read More

Water System Breakdown by Zach Nasr

THIS IS FROM AN EMAIL I GOT FROM ZACH AND I HAD TO SHARE.   SO EXCUSE THE FORMATING PLEASE. So I am going to classify these systems in two ways…top-of-the-line/best/most-expensive and then the greatest value for the price. The other two categories that I will use is point-of-service water devices and whole house systems. The single best system I … Read More

Essential Oils Intuitive Emotional Healing Analysis Revealed!

Process for determining what essential oils  your body is requesting directly (and the emotional healing associated with that plant) and a set of affirmations that will support your specific physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  (Click here to return to main oil’s page) I created this analysis and wish to share it freely with the world.   If you read this … Read More