This is how to invite friends from FaceBook via Google…  Its 0.99 cents and its legit… trust me these two companies play well together… If you are inviting people to links, please ask us about our viral video campaigns…  They will be uber fun… coming soon.. Resume writer new york get paid to write essays online help with … Read More

Heal It Forward’s Official Recommendation For Autism (please comment with possible additions and I will check them out and add if appropriate): People say how could the outbreak of what is called “autism” be from the mercury in the vaccines if we give the vaccines to every child and only a small percentage are ‘affected’? Here is the quick answer … Read More

its all in our head and we made it all up… (200 word blog)

Is it possible that this is all a dream?  At what point do we wake up?  When dreaming our mind is firing much more efficiently and often is teaching us the lesson we need to know most.   So I pose the question: Isn’t our ‘real’ reality much the same?  Haven’t we created exactly what we did to learn the … Read More

Alkalinity In Body Explained in 200 Words

Our bodies always balance the pH of the blood to about 7.34.  The body uses primarily calcium and magnesium (alkaline elements) to balance the acidic foods we eat.   Natural acids such as lemon and vinegar help the stomach by allowing it to shut off its acid pump for a bit (which reduces need for Ca and Mg).  Man-made acids, … Read More

creating a dream team… (200 word blogs for 200 days)

I got the concept of creating a dream team from one of my favorite coaches Marcia Wieder…  She teaches that in order to make your wildest dreams come true, it is necessary to create a dream team to support you.   So many people have now removed themselves from the 9 to 5 job to follow their passion, but they … Read More

the pharmm newsletter – 6/18/12

To skip to anywhere and Houston events, scroll down… If you only have time to skim, I made some words bigger so you can see what topics interest you… Here is this week’s pharmm (philanthropy, health, adventure, meditation & manifestation) newsletter….   There are FREE things all over this email that can change your life regardless of where you live… … Read More

How to get a WOW feeling! (200 word blogs for 200 days)

I talk a lot about getting people to a WOW feeling through diet, hydration and now breathing changes.  I wanted to explain a little bit about why and how this happens.   First I will say, none of the products I endorse or methods of eating I recommend do anything to the body to ‘produce’ a wow experience.    What … Read More