Free Energy (200 word blogs for 200 days)

Free Energy seems to be the hot topic these days and for good reason.   The big debate among many is who will come up with ‘free energy’ first.   Many others believe that free energy has been on this planet many times and we are just waiting for its return.  Regardless of where you stand on this debate, there … Read More

Easy Retirement (200 word blogs for 200 days)

Retirement has been on my mind a lot lately as my 40th birthday approaches and I have been promising myself retirement at that age for almost a decade now…  Lord knows I have tried enough ways to get there and I certainly have learned quite a few ways to not retire…  Failure only comes to those who quit though and … Read More

Vaccines and Autism (200 Word Blogs for 200 days)

There is some debate as to whether vaccines are creating more cases of ‘autism’* in our children.  The pharmaceutical lobby says, ‘if vaccines are giving kids autism, why don’t all the kids have it since they all get vaccines?’    The answer is very simple –  the kids that have health issues after receiving the vaccines are the ones that don’t … Read More

Love, Meditate, Sleep, Breathe, Hydrate, Sweat, Mineralize… (200 Word Blogs)

LOVE – This one seems the most logical, but unconditional love for the universe is achieved by only a select view…  My comedian friend Abby Lodmer and I came up with a t-shirt: “I finally got oneness!  So please stop being so ridiculous, you are embarrassing us!” MEDITATE – Two of the best I have found are the sacred geometry and healing … Read More

Easy Exercise (200 word blogs for 200 days)

As with anything in life, with exercise I was set on finding a way to keep it easy.  What I found works for me is to do things that I would do even if it weren’t good for me (get the theme?* ).   I like yoga because it makes me feel bliss sometimes during and always after.   I … Read More

why is poor health affecting so many right now? a look at toxicity and Rx…

The answer to this question would have been different going back every decade of the last two centuries.   It seems the smarter humans become, the more we believe that we know more than we do – especially about our own bodies.   The current state of our human evolution could be compared to a 16 year old that has just figured … Read More

miracle of water – is it alive?

Water seems to have a strange power over us that we have a hard time explaining.   While some are fearful of getting into water (out of respect for it), everyone loves a waterfall.   There is a reason why people are drawn to the beach, it is cheaper than therapy and can be more effective.    There is something about moving … Read More