The pharmm stands for philanthropy, health, adventure, retirement, meditation & manifestation.  The pharmm was created for one simple reason…. I wanted to do all of these things more and find others that did as well…. I dabbled in all, but did none enough…  One aspect of the pharmm that was important to me was that it not be something that I lead, but rather a group of like minded people that can share ideas and change the world..   This is exactly what it has become and I cannot tell you how happy I am at the amazing members and all we are growing into.   We have recently set the intention to show the rest of the planet how homelessness and hunger can be eliminated in Houston.   We will do this by becoming a community of connectors for the multiple groups that already have this as an intention.   Let’s just say 2012 is going to be a fun year. I am a big believer in not re-inventing the wheel..  We are going to be building sacred spaces and community gardens all over Houston and this is a great model for how that will look.   Jim Channon is an amazing guy and great teacher. The truth is we are all the one and in my opinion, we can use these words as a reminder of what we should be doing more of (and more importantly less of)… Many of the people that have joined our group are much more advanced than me in many of these subjects, but that is exactly the point…. It is time that we learn from each other and assist each other in these confusing and trying times….  Much more will be understood soon and we will notice life may be becoming more hectic or more peaceful…. This is our barometer of how we are doing with our lessons…  Sometimes the lesson is that life is hard sometimes and it seems to last years… That in itself is the lesson… We will be continuing to spread the word through calls, workshops, events and all sorts of get togethers.   To keep in touch with our amazing group, find us on your facebook page at: Great stuff on solar and hydroponics:

Have you seen our video on self love filmed at the pharmm?

A directory of Community Living in Texas (thanks to my sister of this!):

Check out how this guy went off the grid…

I will soon list all members of the Energy Negative Brain Collective Community, but they beat us to it with this project…  So grateful we don’t have to do all this, now we can just buy one!!   We have amazing architects and blocks to play with as storage containers if anyone wants to build a space… Beautiful designs with unlimited affordable off the grid space…

Lots of food with little space using fish!:

Here is the one pods that show what is possible:

This woman lives in a storage container… watch to the end to see bedroom…

Edible Flowers my lovely Natalia found:

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8 Comments on “the pharmm”

  1. Cheri Morris

    hello from lower alabama! me and my hubby are working to create a food farm on our small 1/3 acre in the lovely town of opp! loving what i am seeing here! found you through teal scott. much love and peace to you!!!

  2. Ryan C. Bogdewic

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