I put together the below information for those looking to learn more about Moringa, the miracle tree, Ameo Essential Oils and Ripstix Work Out Products.    Please look for the information specific to your needs and get with the person that sent you here with questions or to order products to try.    We would love for everyone to try these products for 30 to 90 days and Zija offers a full money back (keep the product) guarantee so this is truly a way to see if this affects your life as it has so many with zero risk.

Zija International is the single best nutrition company that I have found in all of my research into nutrition.    They have 3 product lines and you can purchase all 3 at wholesale with a one time fee for wholesale membership of $20.      Anything with Zija in the name has the Moringa miracle plant in it.   If you are looking to get to your ideal weight quickly or just feel better, we recommend the cleanse with these products (see below)   Ameo are the incredible clinical grade essential oils.   If you are not familiar with essential oils, I highly recommend looking into them as there is simply not much they cannot greatly assist with when it comes to health.   Ripstix are the very powerful work out supplements.

Many in the Moringa Movement are replacing their incomes and growing a residual retirement by sharing information about the Moringa plant, the Ameo Essential Oils and Ripstix.    We are always looking for self motivated people that are not afraid to share the truth about the food crisis, but from a solution based approach.    If you feel this may be for you, please see the bottom of this page for free online training that you are welcome to check out before you make the decision.   Our team also supports you with daily (optional) conference calls, online events and local events in most large cities (but not all as this movement is still in its infancy).


For upcoming local and online events:  https://josephzenner.com/events/

To check for events in your area: http://zijaevents.com/

For the webinar I did to summarize the products from Zija International: http://moringa.josephzenner.website/


Before you get started or place an order, please see the Before You Get Started section at the bottom of this email.

1) Zija (Moringa Oleifera based product line)

I have never had this plant in any product line I have endorsed, and I have always wanted to as it is simply the most beneficial plant on the planet in my opinion.   This is the only plant I plant every year and I have been somewhat obsessed with what it can do since 2010 or so…

This is a documentary from the Discovery Channel on the miracle tree Moringa Oleifera:  http://drinklifein.com/media-center/studio-z/company/moringa-documentary

This is an article about moringa’s nutrient content and medicinal properties from the National Institute of Health: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17089328

Here is the summary of videos and information for the Zija (Moringa) product line: http://drinklifein.com/us/home

Here what one of my favorite research sites (non Zija site) has to say about moringa:  http://www.cancertutor.com/moringa-oleifera/     (Keep this site handy if you research things for yourself or others)

Suggested Daily Use:  Start your day with a fresh dose of nutrition; choose SmartMix, SuperMix, or, for an added boost of energy, XM+ Energy Mix.Eat a healthy, balanced breakfast before or after your morning workout. This would be a great time for Zija’s XMprotein nutritional supplement shake.Take 1 XMam or XMburn capsule mid-morning as a natural appetite suppressant and to elevate your mood.Eat a healthy lunch. If you did not already drink a XMprotein nutritional supplement shake, now is your chance.When afternoon cravings hit, add SmartMix or SuperMix to 8-20 ounces of water to continue feeding your body the nutrition it needs, or try Zija’s appetite-suppressing Daily TeaTake 1 XMpm capsule 30-60 minutes before your evening meal to help combat evening cravings, continue burning fat, reduce stress, and unwind.If your schedule did not permit for a morning workout, find time to squeeze it in during the afternoon or evening.Before bed, relax and enjoy Zija’s Premium Tea to soothe and cleanse your body.  Get a good night’s sleep.


2) Ameo Essential Oils

I cannot compare this company to any other essential oils company on the planet as this company has clinical grade oils and that has simply not been done before.       The Ameo product line was launched in September of 2014 with a huge re-launch of new products in May of 2015.     (see below for videos on why these oils are in a different category than any other oils on the planet)

The chemistry and science behind these oils absolutely blew me away and had me realize I simply had to be a part of this.   Dr. Joshua Plant is a new hero of mine in terms of global game changers.

Here is a great presentation on why Ameo is in a class all its own.   Please see the other videos on this channel as they are all incredible as well.

Here is my new hero explaining how he is changing the game on essential oils.    Dr. Joshua Plant is simply incredible:

Here is the video on how Dr. Joshua Plant discovered some cutting edge blends that are super carriers (which means they carry other essential oils into the cell):  http://ameo.com/media-center/studio-z/am%C3%A9o-cell-blends

Here is the website that describes how purity is determined using the Certi-5 testing method for these oils and where you can put in the number from your oil bottle and see the exact testing done on that batch and even shows pictures of each oils permeating live cells (very cool pictures of the molecules): http://www.ameo.com/ameo-difference

Here is a link to how to find the comparable blends to Doterra and Young Living: http://i.imgur.com/Mqq8oXG.jpg

3) Ripstix Work Out Product Line

This is the one area I was unable to help people with in previous companies.   Now we can help people with energy for work-outs, protein shakes, and recovery.


Here is a summary of how to optimize these products daily by the person that introduced this to me, Zach Nasr.    If you are interested in this, please friend Zach on FaceBook if you wish:  https://www.facebook.com/zach.nasr.5

4) Binary Business Structure

If you have only consumer interest in these products, simply ignore this portion.   Basically, binary structure means that I can only put two people direct to me.   This allows all of us to help more people create faster income by combining more people onto fewer teams to create more synergy and momentum.   In addition, it means that for those that I have wished I could put on the same team, I now can if they decide this is for them.

Here is the compensation plan.   I have worked many businesses of this kind and been quite successful with many.    Binary is my absolute favorite structure and this compensation plan includes a Mercedes Benz budget as well:  http://drinklifein.com/media-center/studio-z/tutorials/zija-compensation-plan-0

To find out more about how to get trained to be successful at this, please see below.    We will also be launching a 90 day blitz with online trainings and lots of interesting topics including personal growth, goal setting and master minds.


First, a video that summarized how all of these 3 product lines fit together: http://drinklifein.com/media-center/studio-z/company/introduction-zija-international

How do I select my products?

Here are some links to check out before you place your order.    Please get with the person that sent you here to set up a call with one of our support team to help you select the products that best fit your goals and budget.

Here is a product catalog: http://issuu.com/zijainternational/docs/2015_zijacatalog?e=14852352/11385732

Here are the major kits: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByNM3p1RxIvjMzBaTEtXNEpJN3M/edit

Here are the benefits of starting with 150 PV (about $200): http://drinklifein.com/media-center/zija-news/20141003/fast-start-commissions-fsc

See below for details on how to get trained in this business and create the Life Unlimited dream that so many of us are already apart of…

Much Love Ya’ll!   Thanks for the trust and for looking into this amazing company!

How do I create income with this Moringa Movement??

a)  Join these two FaceBook groups and become as active as possible.   Get to know other team members, post fun stuff you find on the company, and stay tuned to upcoming events on FaceBook (please add your friends to all of our online events via FB to maximize the benefit of the online events for the growth of your team.      https://www.facebook.com/groups/moringamastery/    AND https://www.facebook.com/groups/zijamt/

b) Check out the videos here and dig around this site until familiar with where important videos are to the point that you can guide someone to a video on the phone without looking would be my recommendation:   http://drinklifein.com/media-center/studio-z/tutorials 

c) Here is a more advanced training from a team that is creating great success for all who follow this easy to follow system (simply click on ‘training’): http://www.oneteamworldwide.com/

d) Here is another training that is super simple to follow.   There is no wrong way to train, simply find the training that resonates with you.   http://www.massiveresults.org/

e) If you have the desire to have crystal clarity on your goals and how to achieve them, please read the book Life Mapping by Bill Cohen.

f) I highly recommend getting texts updates about the conference calls and updates from our team leader Tommy Chapa.   To do this, simply text Tommy at 210-392-9697 and provide your full name and who your sponsor is and request to be put on his group text list.

g) If you do not get emails from myself (Joseph Zenner) about team updates, please text me at 832-729-4090.

h) Please text Joseph at 832-729-4090 to get the list of your support team and how they can assist you.    Please save their numbers and utilize them often for maximum success.   Those that do this and set up 3 way calls as discussed in the trainings above, have a much higher rate of success than those that try to do this on their own.    You also have a support team that is between yourself and Joseph that you can get to know as well.    Just ask Joseph and he will properly introduce you if you don’t know them already.

This is a great video on how to get the conversation started:

In case you were wondering how big is about to be, here are some of the people who have joined the Ameo team:
1. Dr. Doug Nelson, PhD…retired CEO of YL    2. Matt Warner, was w/NuSkin (& Zija’s very own CEO Rod Larsen) 1990-2006, YL V.P. of International Markets 2006-2011, now Executive Director of Zija’s Ameo division.   3. Mike McLean, former Chief Sales Officer with YL.   4. Jon Raynes, former Western regional sales manager with/YL, & former US sales manager with doTerra.

Thanks for your interest, for being a researcher, student of nutrition and a stand for solutions to upgrade the health of this planet!

Namaste Yall,

Joseph Kilian Zenner


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